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Junichirou Tanizaki
bungou stray dogs
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Song Taekyung
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This is to certify that
Captain Jack Sparrow
were married on
January 20, 2007
Marry Your Favorite Character
Marry Your Favorite Character Online is a site where you can virtually marry the character or personality of your dreams ;)! This is also a very good way to show your love to a certain character, actor or personality and see which other people fancy him/her ^_^ (Yah, I know...we have to share). After all, this isn't just a fanlisting --- marrying a character means that you are actually willing to marry him or her (if he/she was real anywayz ;)).

Once you marry a character, you will receive an HTML code for your Marriage Certificate. You may then post the code on your own site to show that you got married to that character :D!

What's up with MYFCOnline?
January 2018
Well, another Happy New Year, everyone ^_^! Implemented a few updates to the Journal section, which you can read about here :). Also updated the 'Report this member...' button (w/c I hope we don't have to use often!) so that it's easier to find and contact our Member Admins ^_^.

January 11, 2017
Happy New Year! New year, new breath of life! MYFCO learned a lot last year during its 'downtime', which should prevent another semi-apocalypse from happening again. Urgh! Anyway, we are back up! To those coming in for a visit, THANK YOU for checking-in (again ^_^) and enjoy your stay! Now to marry some Star Wars Rogue One characters (Haha, JK)! So a few changes will be happening in the next week or so to prevent the 'issues' last year from happening again. Rest assured, these 'changes' will not take away from the core of what MYFCO is all about which is, well, having fun marrying our fave characters and of course, interacting with members of the site. Thanks again to everyone visiting :)!

August 13, 2011
After a close brush with 'virtual death', MYFCOnline is BACK ONLINE :D!
To those who are here right now, thank you very much for your patience ^_^!

April 23, 2011
Forum posts and Character Listings are now FIXED!
For a while, some of the posts and characters were not appearing due to a recent system maintenance procedure. Ugh. Much thanks for DarkStarFox for reporting this!
The MYFCONLINE team appreciate your patience :)!

August 15, 2007
Users can now have LONGER SIGNATURES :D! Much thanks to Sys_Admin_1 for suggesting this :D!

April 10, 2007
To control spammers and site abusers, newly registered members will now receive an ACTIVATION CODE EMAIL in their submitted email account. These members should enter the activation code when they LOGIN FOR THE FIRST TIME in order to validate their email address and activate their account.

April 02, 2007
The Change password feature has been fixed. Thanks to our user administrators for the report :)!

March 30, 2007
- Report user abuse facility added.
- Owners of member groups can now delete unwanted characters!

February 3, 2007 now has a NEW CATEGORY for Member and Personal Groups! You can now officially add your fangroups, families, friends, personal groups, adoption centers and roleplaying titles there :D! Existing titles that belong to this new category will now be moved there.

February 3, 2007
MYFCOnline Members with VALID USERNAMES may now access their profiles like this:<name> . Ex. . If you do not have a valid name (An invalid name has special characters, spaces, and does not start with a number or a letter.), change your name now! Have fun! :D

January 29, 2007 now has a NEW Marriage Certificate! We hope you likessss the new look ;)!
Recently Married Characters

Junichirou Tanizaki
bungou stray dogs

(celebrities/non-fictional people)

Carlos Oliveira
Resident Evil 3 Remake

Bertholt Hoover
Attack On Titan

Levi Ackerman
Attack On Titan

Todoroki Shouto
Boku no Hero Academia

Todoroki Shouto
Boku no Hero Academia

Song Taekyung
Love or Hate

Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha
(celebrities/non-fictional people)

Lee Haesoo
Love or Hate
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10 Recently Added Characters
Leon S Kennedy from Resident Evil 2 (games)
Choi Joowon from Love or Hate (anime/manga)
Song Taekyung from Love or Hate (anime/manga)
Lee Haesoo from Love or Hate (anime/manga)
Kim Myung-Dae from BJ Alex (anime/manga)
Oh Chanwoo from BJ Alex (anime/manga)
Nam Dong-Gyun from BJ Alex (anime/manga)
Ahn Jiwon from BJ Alex (anime/manga)
Bubbles Cherub McSquee from My Little Pony: Pony Life (tv shows & cartoons)
Mr. Fantastic from My Little Pony: Pony Life (tv shows & cartoons)
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