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birthdayMar 17
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date registeredJun 13, 2008 08:18:26
about Belial_
Fleshing this out a bit more.

5 years I’ve been writing poems. A past high school teacher of mine(a few, really, but he was the main source) played a big part in getting me involved with poetry, he mentored me, saw the potential, and challenged me to create. I’ve become a lot more refined and experienced, since then, and I couldn’t be more thankful for his genius. It used to be that I wrote them as songs, but my singing is nasally, rough, and my voice ached whenever I sang for more than 5 minutes(narrative ballads), so I stopped—I plan to start again, just not right away.

I like traveling. Nowhere far or nothing extravagant, only to rural sleepy towns, prairie towns, towns that haven’t aged, some that look straight out of an old western movie—A Fistful of Dollars—and even surreal heritage towns. I don’t travel alone, I intermittently tag along with the relatives who taught me the proper way to play instruments. I don’t think I would be who I am today without their guidance.

I have countless influences, from characters I’ve met, to books I’ve finished. Dickens, Rimbaud, Tesla, and Eastwood are my main heroes. <3

What I do, where I do it, how I do it, and why I do it, is private. Use your imagination.

Rimbaud, impersonating someone else
Reliving memories that aren’t his
He entertains himself at odd hours of the night
While his boat’s on a drunken trip
He appears so reckless and inoffensive
As he bargains with a silhouette
Then he hurries off to inhale exhaust pipes
Whilst pretending to be immaculate
Which one of you could recall, after eyeballing him
The time he was relevant a century ago
For reading to the eclectic has-beens
All over Honorarium Lane

- D.D.C

^ Tongue-in-cheek remark about myself. ;)

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