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iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls, The
basic information
birthdayJan 01
last loginJan 29, 2011 22:08:19
date registeredDec 03, 2009 15:56:39
about Kirumi
best friends: Sephiroth and Genesis

p-please don't hurt them.... i love them very much. they are the only two to accept my existence... t-thank you...

relationship status: single
crush: i-i love...


Been In Love? yes

Been To Juvie? no

Mooned Someone? no

Been Rejected? yes

Ran Away From Home? yes

Pictured Your Crush Naked? u-um...

Skipped School? yes

Thought About Suicide? no

Slept Outside? yes

Laughed So Hard You Cried? yes

Cried In School? yes

Thrown Up In School? no

Wanted To Be a Model? no

Cheated On Someone? no

Done Something Really Stupid That You Still Laugh At Today? yes

Seen A Dead Body? yes

Been Bitched Out? yes

Drank Alcohol? no

Smoked? no

Been On Drugs? no

Eaten Sushi? yes

Been On Stage? yes

Gone Skinny Dipping? no

Shoplifted? no

Been Drunk? no

Been Called A Tease? yes

Been Beaten Up? no

Swear? no

Sing Well? some say i do.

Shower Daily? of course

Want To Go To College? yes

Want To Get Married? yes

Believe In Yourself? no

Get Motion Sickness? no

Think You Are Attractive? depends what i'm wearing

Get Along With Your Parents? yes

Like Thunderstorms? n-no

Play An Instrument? yes

Own An IPOD? mhm

Pray? i do

Go To Church? sometimes

Sleep With Stuffed Animals? yes

Keep A Journal/Diary? yes

Dance In The Rain? yes

Sing In The Shower? yes

Pepsi or Coke? coke

McDonald's or Burger King? Mcdonalds

Single or Group Dates? single dates

Chocolate or Vanilla? vanilla

Strawberries or Blueberries? strawberries

Meat or Veggies? veggies

TV or Movie? movie

Guitar or Drums? guitar

Adidas or Nike? adidas

Chinese or Mexican? chinese

Cheerios or Corn Flakes? cheerios

Cake or Pie? cake

MTV or VH1? VH1

Blind or Deaf? deaf

Boxers or Briefs? u-um...

Do The Splits? yes

Write With Both Hands? no

Whistle? mhm

Blow A Bubble? yes

Roll Your Tongue In A Circle? yes

Cross Your Eyes? no

Walk With Your Toes Curled? no

Touch Your Tongue to Your Nose? no

Dance? yes

Eat Whatever You Want And Not Worry? no
<3 <3
<33 <33
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