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last loginSep 13, 2005 07:38:38
date registeredSep 13, 2005 07:38:07
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How yall doin...*cough*not that i care*cough* I know u all must say dis but i dont give a rats ass...I LOVE ANIME AND MANGA!!!! oh and dis is for all yall manga rippers (yeah its my rotten liuck to know some)RIP MY MANGA AND TO HELL YOU GO!!!!! Oh and im not all that crazy*cough*that*cough* But any wayz if ur on neopets holla at ur gurl cuz i am to!!(pinkkatz79) oh and a lil about me: if you mess with me you will surely get a beat down!!! So...yeah!!! Any questions e-mail me! i love gettin dem!!
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