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birthdayJan 22
last loginOct 05, 2012 14:05:49
date registeredJan 26, 2012 14:45:31
about Yu_Narukami
Relationship Status: All by myself...

There is no such thing as "normal"...just other people's standards of "normal".

Anyone who says they are normal are only kidding themselves and living a tight-faced lie.

I am true to my word and never break a promise.

I enjoy the simpler things in life and by that I mean soda, games, and anime...oh yes and snacks too I suppose.

I don't believe in the hurting of others, no matter how upset one is but everyone makes mistakes. I am kind to everyone I meet, no matter how cruel they are to me.

When I choose to love another, I love no other and settle down for life with said lover.

As such...I have been used countless times for personal gain and have difficulty fully trusting another if they aren't fully honest with me. Never ask if I trust you for the answer should be very obvious. I only trust family, friends, and those that are closest to me. Otherwise, I never trust another unless I understand them to the fullest extent they will allow. I'm not heartless but if you're unwilling to be honest with me then I don't think I can trust you. That is that and I will say no more.

Son- Shuichi_Uesugi

Current in Works of Story
Sylance: Origin of Light
Sylance: Origin of Darkness
Sylance: Origin of All
Dahlia's Origin (Sylance side-stories Part 1)(COMPLETE)
Meetings and Reunions (Sylance side-stories Part 2)(COMPLETE)
An Ancient Destiny (Sylance side-stories Part 3)(COMPLETE)
The Trial and the Tower(Sylance side-stories Part 4)
The Purest Light and The Absolute Dark (Sylance side-stories Final Part)

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Latest Journal Entry
Just when you think you're at your happiest....BAM!!! You get knocked all the way back down til you feel totally and completely sad and no hope of ever being happy again.

It can last from days, weeks, even months....and sometimes just a few hours or even less than that.

It's during this time that some say things they may or may not mean, will do things out of desperation such as suicide or something that could get themselves really hurt.

It's also a time to look at everything you have at this point.

There's a man who cares too much for others, who sacrifices his own happiness so that others can be happy, who writes his stories in hopes of being an author...he has a mother and brother who care for him deeply although they're strict, he's handicapped with a form of autism and is afraid of crowds, he has no girlfriend or even a girl close to that, he's used to pain and I see him get hurt everyday but I can't do anything about it....but he takes it all in stride...and keeps going forward.

I know this man well. He thinks he has nothing and that may be true...but on the inside, he has it all; kind heart, even kinder soul, always faithful to those he cares for, wouldn't tell a lie to save his life, and an enduring spirit to never give up no matter how grim things might be.

The man is me.

I don't have a cellphone...I don't have a car...I have no girlfriend...

But I have it all within and I'll keep going, no matter how much pain I have to endure.
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