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basic information
birthdayJan 01
websitehttp://Kamen Rider Para-DX
last loginNov 09, 2017 03:10:56
date registeredAug 11, 2012 11:36:26
about Parad

"Why are you going this far for me? I'm just a virus that infected you." -Parad

-I'm Parad and I'm a Bugster.
-If you want a name for me, I'll give you one. Parad Hojo.
-You can use the different spellings of Parad's name (the two most common are Parado [which is how it is said] and Pallad [one of the common spellings of it]. I use Parad because I think it sounds better and I just prefer it though I do use all other versions of his name).
-A Bugster is basically a gaming virus. Breathing it in if it is in the air will cause it to infect you. Using a Gamer Driver and Gashat without being immune will give you it. Be careful.
-I'm also the Genius Gamer M.
-How did I come to exist? I was removed from my host, the Genius Gamer M (Emu Hojo). Typically the host has to die in order for a Bugster to be "perfect".
-Bugsters can switch between their human forms and actual forms. I use my Human form because I was born in it. Even with my clothes. Yes, I didn't need to go shopping. And yes you should be jealous.
-My goal is to simply spread the Bugster Virus to the humans in the world and make an army of Bugsters. That doesn't mean I won't slack off though. If something interests me, I'm going to focus on that more than spreading the virus.
-Kamen Rider Para-DX (Para-DX is basically said like Paradox. Which is obviously what Parad is short for.)
-My Games as a Kamen Rider is Knockout Fighter and Perfect Puzzle.
-I intend to make everyone a Kamen Rider just for my entertainment. Everyone has to fight to the death. That makes life exciting, right?
-Bugsters with a "Perfect" form can't die at all. They will just come back to life. Being a Bugster is great. Unlike Humans who just die. I mean, that isn't exciting at all.
-Bugsters remember their hosts (who they were born from) memories. It is called Hosts' Data.
-Bugsters can use their host's body (if the host is alive because it is possible for them to exist together if separated a certain way). I can use my host's (Emu Hojo) body.
-I will be in character slightly at times just for the heck of it. But most of the time I am just me. :)
-You will only know me as Parad. I don't intend to give it out my real name due to certain reasons.
-My profile song is the theme song of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. I am addicted to it.
-I am friendly. You can be my friend all you want. Feel free to message me at anytime.
-I make all my avatars due to Ex-Aid being on going and no one else is making Parad avatars.
-I have over 230 avatars/icons. Don't judge me. I need a lot of them. Yes, I make them myself. I screenshot stuff myself.
-Gifs aren't mine. credit goes to those who makes them on tumblr.
-Parad's actor is Kai Shouma
-Feel free to read my not so serious fanfic I'm doing on here. I'm doing for the heck of it so :p
-Oh, the only person I truly need is Emu <3 My precious host <3

Status: Just go away if you're not Emu

Location: Living in the CR with my host, Emu.

This is so exciting

Just being sleepless brings uncontrollable tears. That’s not me, certainly not me.

Is it he who turned love into a joke?

My only true friend is Emu

Thank you, Dan Kuroto.


married to
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Latest Journal Entry
Typical Girl waits for the others since she has no life and no important job to help with the Virus. Leave all the work to the pros, gurl.

I open my eyes and stare ahead of me, looking at a face that is right in front of mine. That cat eyed looking person smiles, chuckling a bit. Hey, it is the red jacket man! Kiriya!

"Bored, TG?" he asks me, fixing how he is standing. "My poor knees are going to give out if I keep doing that."

"Don't you mean legs?" I raise an eyebrow questioningly. "If that ever happens, Kiriya, I'll take care of you."

"Alright, I'll make sure you will do that. Anyways, back to the point," he says, fixing how his jacket sits on his shoulders. "How about you go out with me to run an errand? I'm starving."

"And leave the Sexy Bugster here?"

"Oh, you mean Emu's Bugster? He'll be fine here on his own. Besides, he isn't going to leave. He wants to play with you and yes, I mean sexually," Kiriya states, answering my question. "Oh, Cronus told me that you can play his special quest later."

"Oh, I can?" That sounds like a fun thing I can do.

"Piiro, there is no more cake!" Poppy cries, probably sobbing at the same time.

"Graphite, stop eating all my cake. I NEED the cake," Hiiro orders and I sigh heavily. I'm just going to go with Kiriya now.


Kiriya puts his jacket over my shoulders, covering up my arms to keep me warm. "So, I haven't found out who to stop this virus yet. Do you have any suggestions?"

"What? I'm not a medical professional," I answer, looking down. "In fact, I'm just pretty lame. I only act like I'm cool just to make myself interesting and mysterious to people. People seem to like it when people do that. You know, I'm like one of those cheesy main characters of a show with no real personality and everyone just loves me."

"Ha! That is what you're like. Well, I guess we can always solve the virus problem another time." He moves a bit ahead as I carry the bags. "Are you sure you're fine with carrying those?"

"I can hold a lot of things."

"I can tell."

I clear my throat. "Kiriya, do you think I'm going to become a Pony?"

"Uh...possibly?" He turns his head a bit, staring at me. "TG, don't think about that kind of thing. I used to not worry about that and I still don't really worry about it. Death isn't all that scary."

"Oh..." I nod. "Okay, Kiriya."

"What made you want to come here?"

"Because of all the hot men. I only go where they are at because I'm a typical girl who is bored in her previous country and needed to get away to find herself and have multiple relationships with guys to find the one."

Kiriya laughs. "You're funny! I love having you around. I want you to stay here for forever."

"Do you mean that?"

"Of course I mean that! You're the glue that holds us all together in the CR!" Kiriya exclaims, his voice not cracking at all. "Just stay away from the Rich CEO. He is DANgerous."

"Oh, I'll try to stay away." That sounds like I better get closer to the dangerous man and get myself into trouble. Yeah, I need to get into trouble. Trouble is hot.

A whistle goes off and I stop, turning around. Poppy stands behind us, holding up a card and her thing she used to absorb that Rich CEO earlier. I wonder why she is here.

"You deserve a penalty, Kiriya!" Poppy shouts. "You're not allowed to take Typical Girl out anywhere! She could end up becoming a pony!"

"Hey, she was bored! Do you want her to die of boredom? You guys should have given her something to do. Like a puzzle or something. Maybe even a medical book from Hiiro's office," Kiriya tells her. "Don't leave me around to entertain people. I always get into trouble."

"Fine! Next time I'm going to pop you!" Poppy turns away, crossing her arms despite holding tons of stuff in her hands.

"Uh...does everyone miss me down there?" I ask.

She turns to me and nods. "Yes, of course! Especially that bugster you wanna date! I heard a rumor that he is really interested in you! Don't tell him I told you or else I'm going to have to pop you!"

I nod my head. "Of course! I won't do that!"

"Emu wants you back there now! I'll make sure that you two get there and stop the virus!"

I guess I'm going to be finally doing something useful. Or am I?


I look over as a Pony flies towards us and picks me up by my shirt, forcing me to drop the bags. Nope, I'm guess I'm going to be useless still! And why isn't my shirt ripping off? Is my shirt like special?

"Typical Girl!" Kiriya shouts.

I guess I'm going to have to be saved and be useless once again. How lovely.






D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

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