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basic information
birthdayJan 01
websitehttp://Kamen Rider Para-DX
last loginJul 03, 2018 04:21:21
date registeredAug 11, 2012 11:36:26
about Parad

"Why are you going this far for me? I'm just a virus that infected you." -Parad

-I'm Parad and I'm a Bugster.
-I go by Parad Hojo.
-You can use the different spellings of Parad's name (the two most common are Parado [which is how it is said] and Pallad [one of the common spellings of it]. I use Parad because I think it sounds better and I just prefer it though I do use all other versions of his name).
-A Bugster is basically a gaming virus. Breathing it in if it is in the air will cause it to infect you. Using a Gamer Driver and Gashat without being immune will give you it. Be careful.
-I'm also the Genius Gamer M.
-How did I come to exist? I was removed from my host, the Genius Gamer M (Emu Hojo). Typically the host has to die in order for a Bugster to be "perfect".
-Bugsters can switch between their human forms and actual forms. I use my Human form because I was born in it. Even with my clothes. Yes, I didn't need to go shopping. And yes you should be jealous.
-My goal is to simply spread the Bugster Virus to the humans in the world and make an army of Bugsters. That doesn't mean I won't slack off though. If something interests me, I'm going to focus on that more than spreading the virus.
-Kamen Rider Para-DX (Para-DX is basically said like Paradox. Which is obviously what Parad is short for.)
-My Games as a Kamen Rider is Knockout Fighter and Perfect Puzzle.
-I intend to make everyone a Kamen Rider just for my entertainment. Everyone has to fight to the death. That makes life exciting, right?
-Bugsters with a "Perfect" form can't die at all. They will just come back to life. Being a Bugster is great. Unlike Humans who just die. I mean, that isn't exciting at all.
-Bugsters remember their hosts (who they were born from) memories. It is called Hosts' Data.
-Bugsters can use their host's body (if the host is alive because it is possible for them to exist together if separated a certain way). I can use my host's (Emu Hojo) body.
-I will be in character slightly at times just for the heck of it. But most of the time I am just me. :)
-You will only know me as Parad. I don't intend to give it out my real name due to certain reasons.
-My profile song is the theme song of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. I am addicted to it.
-I made all my avatars.
-I have over 230 avatars/icons. Don't judge me. I need a lot of them. Yes, I make them myself. I screen-shot stuff myself.
-No, I don't care for what you think of me being a character portrayed by a person. If you have a problem with it, piss off.
-Gifs aren't mine. credit goes to those who makes them on tumblr. (I have made a few recently. The ones that I make are mine so please don't take them from me)
-Parad's actor is Kai Shouma
-Oh, the only person I truly need is Emu <3 My precious host <3
-I am going to clean up my profile before I get off again for the next billion years. I was actually going to get on and change my overlay picture but I see that that is gone now. TT

Status: None of your business so kindly get lost

Location: None of your concern

This is so exciting

Just being sleepless brings uncontrollable tears. That’s not me, certainly not me.

Thank you, Dan Kuroto. You have taught me so much and I'm going to make sure to honor you with the ultimate game, Kamen Rider Chronicle. Long live the Bugsters!

I only got on here to change my overlay picture but that is gone. I have no intention of actually staying here as my life is going well at the moment and I don't need to be here anymore. I just hated that my overlay was some blurry picture when I left and wanted an HD Parad picture for you all to stare at.

Well, this was certainly not so exciting.