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birthdayNov 19
last loginJan 28, 2018 01:24:42
date registeredOct 25, 2014 18:30:56
about BeautyOftheHeart


[No matter how many times I am knocked deep down, I will rise again like a Phoenix]

[These avatars are from Tumblr. I did not make any of them. They are not mine. I am just using them from the artists on Tumblr who made them. I would make my own but I have no access to a good icon maker on my MAC. My old site I used now costs money. I do not want to put money into something I will probably barely use.]

[Role Playing: Emma Frost from Marvel Comics]

[In A Relationship with the most wonderful man. His name is Joseph. He treats me like how i should be treated. I feel like a true princess. I do not believe in fairy tales like my head is not in the clouds but you know what I mean. <3 ]

[Main Accounts: Yagami, Sterling, and most of them are in my friend's list. I cannot recall most of the names.]


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I am thinking of doing a possible name change. I love this name do not get me wrong. I was thinking of doing the name change because I am changing my character. I have been Sakura on this account for a long time. I was thinking of changing to Jean Grey. I am a very big fan of her. Mainly her Phoenix form but still she is one of my favorite characters.

Here is one of the names I want to use-- Phoenix but I believe that name is probably taken. But I was thinking of doing BeautyOfThePhoenix. Something like that. Should I keep my name the way it is? I also was thinking of going back to one of my old names which is Matisse. Of course I will make the final decision but I like to hear opinions from people.
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