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basic information
birthdayOct 26
last loginAug 23, 2017 04:12:22
date registeredJul 30, 2015 00:39:44
about Chris9017
Name: Christian Gupta

Age: 28

Occupation: Message me about it ;)

Status: Classified


My job at Disneyland
Old steam locomotives
Playing the pipe organ
Interior designing
European cars
The Main Street Electrical Parade

Originally registered on site:

August 17, 2006 (10 and 1/2 years)

Best friends: All long gone
married to
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I shot of the return of Disneyland's Beloved Electrical Parade. Now performing through most of 2017. :)
Latest Journal Entry
My cousin and niece have come to visit me to go to Disneyland, and given that I'm a cast member with good perks, sealed the deal. However my 5 year old niece and I really bonded over the last 48 hours, and now it's REALLY hard letting her go.
I've fallen in love with her (Family wise that is), and I love her as if she was my own little sister. I enjoyed carrying her, sitting her on my lap, sharing my drinks and meals with her, baby sitting her, holding her to calm her down, kissing her, and telling her how much I care about her. My cousin (Her mother) Even admitted that she and I have developed a special bond.
I knew we were gonna bond, but I didn't think we bond as much as we have.
Being an Uncle is VERY TOUGH and stressful work, and it requires A LOT of patience and understanding, but it's SOOOOOOOO WORTH IT!!!!
Now I can't stop crying because she's become so special to me and I'm really gonna miss her.............
I know I'll see her again, but why does letting go always have to be so hard?
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