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birthdayMay 18
last loginDec 19, 2017 21:46:33
date registeredJan 14, 2017 18:49:08
about Silver

'A poet of tragedies,
scribe I lauds to Death.'

I'm not much of a 'people's person', but I try my best.
I fall behind easily on messages, too.
Art, translating, and losing myself in poetry are some
of my favorite things to do.

I'm in love with nature. I love sunsets, rainy days, and feeling the wind
caress my face. I'm a very artsy person.

'The wolf is carnivore incarnate and he's as cunning as he is ferocious; once he's had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do.'

You are my lungs breathing when they can't find their purpose. I love my little family. I'll carry your iloveyous forever in my heart. Thanks for watching me bloom into something more than I ever thought I could be. 'You're the smell before the rain, you're the blood in my veins'.

Red [red]

1. Murder on the sidewalk. My mother's favorite cherry candy. The sun at ten P.M on a summer night. Warning, danger. Warning, I love you. Warning, heart like the bloodiest thing you've ever seen. Roses. Cranberries. Fire on a beach, fueled with booze and brandy. Fire in an apartment building, fueled with booze and brandy. Fire in your throat. Fire behind your teeth.

2. Her mouth when she kisses you and it tastes like someone else.


Seraphic Deviltry.
married to
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Pokeball - Pokemon
Latest Journal Entry
Happy Holidays, MYFC. I hope I'm grasping this right.. for day one here is a selfie. For some reason,
I rarely ever smile when taking selfies. D:

I don't really blog anymore... haha. Sorry. I used to blog about art, fashion and I once ran
a blog to archive my translations!

But I hope everyone has a swell weekend.
PS: sorry if this gets deleted. <<

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