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birthdayApr 27
last loginJul 24, 2017 23:36:33
date registeredJan 17, 2017 19:31:40
about CantereIla

Little bit about me:
*Been here for 10 years
*First account was Koga_Lover
*I'm twenty 24 years old.
*Reside in Texas <3.
*Dorky/Geeky Gamer
*Friendly as fuck

**Taurus section **

*A Taurus girl is the zodiac’s hippie*
*you indulge in all of life’s physical pleasures from fashionable clothes to the delicious food at every meal*
*From the wine you drink to the perfume you spritz on your neck, you radiate a bodily presence that turns heads and cannot be ignored.
* Chester will always be in my heart; I'll miss you already
married to
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Latest Journal Entry
My soul is ripped out of me. The man who created the songs that helped me through my abused adolescents.. committed suicide... I
I feel like I'm mourning a friend, someone I knew.

I know he's in a better place, a place of peace and no worries.
I'm sorry. I know the music scene was changing.. I know some of the new generation fans weren't as accepting of the new style of music.

I liked it. I like the EDM mix into it. I like how Chester was changing his style because he himself was changing too. The rest of the band mates knew this and agreed to move the band into a new direction.

Chester Bennington,
If there is some way you'd ever been read this (not likely lol)
You were my idol. You are always my idol.
Please rest in peace,

14 year old going 24.
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