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birthdayApr 27
last loginNov 07, 2017 18:41:51
date registeredJan 17, 2017 19:31:40
about CantereIla
Hello! =^^=!
Welcome to my profile! It's not as fancy as everyone else's but it's growing!
Clearly wasn't good at myspace x'D.

*R.I.P Chester Bennington*

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I wanted to update my blog lmao, it's basically a blog since I'm hardly here but I do log in when I have the chance.

I'm about 11 weeks and so far, it's not that bad of a pregnancy. I haven't had any morning sickness or bad dizziness. We did hear it's heartbeat and got to see our baby through the sonogram <3.
However, my whole family was there sitting in the waiting room ._.'
I didn't even know my grandparents were coming until I parked and they got out of my dad's truck, a real "WTF" moment since this is sooo personal.
The bae wasn't too happy about that either but I just stunned.

I won't have another appointment until December so I've been enjoying myself with my goodies ~ <3. I've had a week where I've finally relaxed and enjoyed my school work when normally I'm always in "go mode" and just trying to juggle my life around.

I recently played a game called Knack 2 for the PS4, it's a pretty awesome game for 2017, and the bae would Redbox it for two weeks straight, other times it would on/off couple weeks. We finally beat the game the other night, 15 chapters and completely co-op on the main storyline. They even adapted some of the movie scenes to include the second player so it wasn't basely first player movies. Usually, we can buy the Redbox games but it was available for it D;, been looking for the game ever since.

Well.. thanks for reading, I've got to get back to my Philosophy paper about Niezche's view on "Death of God". Woo ! College! ;D.

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