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birthdayJan 25
last loginFeb 23, 2018 19:11:20
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It's days like these that make me feel thankful.
*Smiles softly while biting my lips*

I've finally had two days off in a row. Yesterday I fought against my management and took Monday off anyway. They called me to come in around 2ish. I missed them because I took a nap. >___<''.
*Sighs* I hate missing work but I really, physically couldn't handle it. I'm a smaller person compared to other drivers and it's work to get in and out of the van. Sometimes I have to crawl or jump in or out. *Slightly laughs* Oh geez, anyways. It's been a while since I had a day off.

(This is the closest thing I have to a blog so you/you's/ya's better back off. I'll delete yall's comments >:( )

*Reaches over to the nightstand to reach the small black vaporizer w/ coffee oil* *Softly exhales*
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