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birthdayJan 01
last loginJan 18, 2018 00:37:22
date registeredFeb 26, 2017 01:16:06
about HyungSuk

The name is Hyung Suk. You do not need to call me anything but Hyung Suk. Why? Because I don't want to be your best friend and it is pointless to give you all my real name. That would mean I'm investing in a friendship with you and I don't want that. I figured I should make an effort to put something here besides pictures. Oh, keep reading. I have a little something special for you all a bit later on here. By the way, the song on the side is from the thing my character is from. I put it there since it has to do with my character.

I may spice up this area later but for now, I feel like I've done enough for it. I'm not too good with decorating stuff like this so I think I have done enough. I do not have much to put here because I'm simply not very interesting. If I bore you with details about me, you will all avoid me. (Well, I actually do what you all to avoid me so please keep doing so. If I wanna chat with someone, I will)

I'm not looking for friendship so I probably won't ever talk to anyone here. I have simply decided that none of my friendships really work and I do not need many people in my life. I get overwhelmed over such things.

If I don't chat with you, it isn't you that is the problem. Think of it as that we're not compatible to be friends because of me. In order to be with someone, you have to have some sort of compatibility. If you don't, what good is it to be around someone? Differences are okay because that is to be expected but you do need something similar.

That is all I have to put here right now. I may put some quotes on here that I like and maybe a picture or two. Maybe even a gif?

**Hyung Suk**

Warning: I probably won't answer you if you message me. As you can see, I have already warned you above. I'm warning you again here because I'm being a nice person. You're welcome.

Something special for you all:
I'm going to lurk all I want to this season because I can and thats what I want to do. Besides, I learned the art of lurking from the best person ever (thank you person). Anyways, I don't care for peoples problems on here. Not my concern at all. I care about what I care about and it certainly isn't you.
Have a nice day person reading this.
The person I care about isn't reading this so we're all good. By the way,
there is a reason why I don't associate with anyone on here. As a wise person I know once said, "You can look in the mirror but you'll never be as handsome as me." That person was awesome. But the one person not reading this is way more awesome than that person.

Also, if you get this far, I have a code on my profile to refresh it because I don't need you guys on my page for too long. I decided to do that so people don't bother me. Message me and I'll put the code in a message response to you to get rid of you.

Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino

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