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basic information
birthdayFeb 02
last loginMar 21, 2017 14:46:04
date registeredMar 19, 2017 18:34:27
about OfDebatableQuality
hey i doubt anyone will remember me but i was a daily user of this site till it was hacked lmao.

about meeeeee
My real name is Bethanie :0 call me ODQ bethanie idc ~
i have an ig (ofdebatablequality) which is accessible through the link that i posted a little ways above here~
im a regular player of a KPOP dancing game called TOUCH! my user on there is Melodey ~ if you play or want to play with me let me know! we can meet up or ill send you a link!
i also have an IMVU account~ the user is Midouri~ ill add you on there if you let me know that youre addin me~ im a weekly/monthly user of that XD so im not as frequent on there~

favorite things!
color- orange
food- suuuuuushi
movie- scoobydoo and the cyber chase
game- BIOSHOCK (looove it sooo much!)

im blonde
i have blue eyes~
im pretty tall~ like 5 feet 8 in
im chub lol~
im bi lmao whoop
i enjoy cats and dogs
i like memes
im just listing stuff by now
lol ill add more sooner or later XD
married to
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Latest Journal Entry
Today has been kinda sucky.
I woke up tired as heck and I didn't want to go anywhere, I was annoyed and depressed all day, I barely got any work done, and not to mention my friend and I got salty with eachother which was a great addition to my day.

I guess on the bright side of things ILL BE GETTING MY ORIGINAL ACCOUNT BACK!!!
I'm so stoked for that man! Like boy it's exciting~

In the mean time ~ have an "a-peeling" picture

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