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Zatch Bell
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Zatch Bell
basic information
birthdayApr 30
last loginNov 21, 2017 23:08:43
date registeredMay 08, 2017 17:02:10
about King_Shane_Uchiha
Name: Shane Roseheart
Aliases: Zero and Chaos
Age: 25
relationship status: single
hobbies: gaming, listening to music, watching youtube
fave games: skyrim, black ops 1 2 and 3, gta san andreas, minecraft
fave musicians/bands: elena siegman, avenged sevenfold, apocalyptica, metallica, trivium, disturbed, three days grace and a few others
fave genre of music: metal
fave songs: hail to the king (avenged sevenfold), shepherd of fire (a7x), this means war (a7x), down with the sickness (disturbed), shattering the skies above (trivium), love me like you do (ellie goulding), a thousand years (christina perri)
species: hybrid (mostly vampire and angel blood though)
clan/pack: The Dead Ones (Hybrid) Soulwalkers (Vampire)
jutsu specialty: Midnight Style, Dragon Style, Heaven Style, Hell Style and Chaos Style

personal quote: "I can be your best friend or a nightmare from which you cannot awake"
Personal quote #2: "I have decided to not give in to my inner demons and prevail as a Champion and King to my kind"
Personal quote #3: "I am not a pure vampire or any species but I have decided to take the form of a human, fox or dragon"

married to
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Latest Journal Entry
*he's facing Kaguya by himself seeing how things would have played out if he did it alone* Time to create that opening for my own attacks. Time to get my left eye ready. *uses his Rinnegan to create an opening for his assault* Amaterasu. *he starts attacking in the alternate scenario he uses the darkness to increase his power* Get ready. *he starts with Lion's Barrage* Lights out! Lion's Barrage! *he uses a stronger version of Fire Style and Inferno Style called Dragon Style* Dragon Style: Ultimate Dragon Flame Jutsu! *he continues his attack even though he's running low on Chakra* Even if my fire burns out I'll do whatever it takes to stop you! Mostly for their sake. *an image of each of his friends pops up behind him but they hold out their hands lending him their Chakra and for his injuries Celevanna and a few other members of the medical squad heal him* Thank you everyone.
Celevanna: You can do it Shane. Hit her with all our combined strength.
Doom: You're a great shinobi and there's nothing you can't do. Keep up the great work.
Angelic: Shane is our hero. Give her the full strength of the best shinobi ever.
Rikka: You just need to remember that we have your back.
I'm glad to have met you all and have the greatest friends ever. *as he's charging up his Chidori Angelic puts her Chakra behind the lightning to increase the mass and power then Doom also helps the attack grow stronger and finally Sorceress puts her magic behind the attack to have it reach a new level* Here goes nothing.
Him and his friends: Chidori Calamity Burst! *his attack destroys Kaguya thus ending the Infinite Tsukuyomi and setting his friends free* It is done.
*he stands by the Hidden Leaf Village Gates about to leave on a journey*
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