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basic information
birthdayApr 30
last loginSep 25, 2017 02:55:27
date registeredMay 08, 2017 17:02:10
about Shane_The_Lost
Name: Shane Roseheart
Age: 25
relationship status: single
hobbies: gaming, listening to music, watching youtube
fave games: skyrim, black ops 1 2 and 3, gta san andreas, minecraft
fave musicians/bands: elena siegman, avenged sevenfold, apocalyptica, metallica, trivium, disturbed, three days grace and a few others
fave genre of music: metal
fave songs: hail to the king (avenged sevenfold), shepherd of fire (a7x), this means war (a7x), down with the sickness (disturbed), shattering the skies above (trivium), love me like you do (ellie goulding), a thousand years (christina perri)
species: hybrid (mostly vampire and angel blood though)

personal quote: "can you accept me as I am? broken and miserable"
Personal quote #2: "can you be sure there's hope for someone like me?"
Personal quote #3: "I'm the tragedy created by hope"

married to
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This is a personal favourite light listening song that I love and the video is of my number one fave anime couple SasuSaku.
Latest Journal Entry
(mind you there's their normal version and their Ultimate Technique versions plus Awakening version)

Dragon's Barrage (normal)
Dragon's Barrage (Ultimate Level 1)
Dragon's Barrage Dive Burst (Ultimate Level 2)
Dragon's Barrage Full Assault (Ultimate Level 3)
Dragon's Barrage Thunder Strike (Awakening)

Darkness Style: Fallen Midnight (normal)
Midnight Style: Shattered World (Ultimate)
True Midnight Style: Berserk Requiem (Awakening)

Dragon Style: Spirit Flame (normal)
Dragon Style: Absolute Requiem (Ultimate Level 1)
Dragon Style: Armageddon Bane (Ultimate Level 2)
Dragon Style: Fallen Blaze (Ultimate Level 3)
Dragon Style: Midnight Destruction (Awakening)
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