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basic information
birthdayJan 01
last loginMay 27, 2017 00:44:07
date registeredMay 13, 2017 02:14:54
about Angel
Remimder: Please don't take anything from this profile. If you need anything just ask meh. <3

"Fighting Evil by moonlight...Eating junk food by daylight..<3"

It Guru here! Formally known as aka Angel the troublemaker! A hot headed stubborn girl.

Asian // Female // Pettite
I absolutely love cats, I really do <3 I own two babies ..and they really do mean the world to me. <3 I'm very strongly against animal cruelty T__T. I wish I can save all the stray animals... I'm a huge animal lover. I got that since I was a child and I grew up with my mom friend who was a veterinarian..i tend to help her so much. LET stop animal cruelty as well breeders. :/ be kind to animals please <3

I blew out my candles on December 18, I'm 23 year old and turning 24 this winter. I'm a winter baby and is true winter is my favorite season <3

I was a 2008 member! So if you remember me don't hesitate to message me <3


Watching YouTube videos
making DIY
hair coloring
be on netflex

I usually place my social media links for people to follow me but since someone on here did took one of my pictures I don't give them out anymore unless I ask you or trust you enough.

It true I get like super cranky when it comes to food xD I get spoiled >->...

I usually stay quiet to myself and message people back in messages in pms but when I see my name pop out of no where ..Reminder:I will talk back with a lot of fuel and gasoline. D;<

Tfw-yeah that about it haha. Thanks for stopping by. My profile will keep updating itself until I'm like satisfied or not bored..

I actually hate the news and political views I do keep track of it to see what going on but I hate it..i seriously hate because it just gonna put fear into your mind >-<

Other big thing I dislike is when people wake me up from my nap like can you not DDD; I'm trying so hard to sleep here! No need for disturbance...


Your hurt my friends
I hurt you xD
plain and simple
not to long, not too short.

*~Tv Shows*

Doctor who
Pretty little lirs
Sleepy hallow
Rick and morty
once upon a time.

~*I honestly don't watch a lot of shows so if you say something from a show I wouldn't know xD I be like what o-o.*~



We argue, we fight, but we still love each other in the end of every arguments we bounce back <3. He been my best friend since high school I honestly have no idea what I do without him in my life. <3 Teaching me Spanish and learning his culture is so very interesting..i love him very much <3

I absolutely love the Spanish culture <33 My husband is Hispanic I love him very much and oh my-their food is soo good. If you have a problem with any race or interracial race relationship you can block me now and hop of my dick. I support every group <33

I love me some video games <3

list of games I play:

-League of legends
-blade of soul
-call of duty
-Mario kart
-super smash bros
-Fall out 4
-Dragon ball x
-Resident Evil
-Assians Creed unity

Mommy of two amazing cats.<33

[Born In Virginia, raised in Florida, moved back to Virginia, Originially from Vietnam.]

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Mood: offline xD

married to
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My phone is frustrating me to no end!
I have the Samsung 05 which totally sucks..
It not 8 gb but 4 gb!

I think it malfunctioning DDD':
It keeps untyping everything I type then it would freeze up on me out of no where!

I was on YouTube watching a dandy video and it move it self to all tabs ._____.

And I honestly have only Facebook and messenger on my phone because I had to delete all my phone games-cause I was out of storage D: legit I just wanna throw this phone across the floor!

I think my phone is haunted xD or it being a troll ...

I can't wait to upgrade it to a s8 >-> next month xD

Phone problems man D: anyone ever have those??
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