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birthdayJul 17
last loginApr 01, 2018 19:32:57
date registeredMay 31, 2017 20:03:40
about Kaneki
What to put here? The real question is how do I put stuff here? >(×_×)<

Name: Jackson or Jaxx. <- looks catchy.

Age: 18

Interest: Food, motorcycles, fitness, gaming, building toy models of gundams, anatomy, MMA.

Dislikes: Peas n carrots, some seafood, pretty girls with bad attitudes, people who revovle around negativity, racists, SJWs, my buddy's socks (you have to be there), people who are sloppy (everyone can look nice if they put some effort), nosey people (my business is my business. If I want you to know then I'll tell you), rainy days (can't go outside).

Hobbies: AM/PM workouts, cooking, drawing, some anime/manga, travel, basketball, beach volley ( more fun when by the ocean)

Tags: xxx
Miscellaneous: xxx
"Having money isn't everything if it can't save the ones you love."
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I never knew that when two girls get together they can cause so much trouble. My bro Jaciuk and I recently discovered that our girlfriends are "bfffffffssss" and it appears that two world's have collided. It's really fun when we're all together but when separated I feel bad for the people who has to put with us ^Laughs^.
So are relationships usually like this or does everyone stay separated? We all eat together, hang out, etc., I think we may even end up all living together within the next few months. I'm all for the "more the merrier" aspect but it seems odd that we're all kosher with each other.
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