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birthdayDec 18
last loginNov 29, 2017 16:21:41
date registeredJun 05, 2017 06:08:25
about Aegmato

I'm straight. But sometimes I have a cover up so who knows?
I don't smoke or even party like once in a blue moon I would drink wine and alcohol but that pretty much it...I can't even go clubbing without complaining that my head hurts.
I don't watch anime like I used to anymore I just watch the ones I usually watch that comes on.
when I'm in the car I usually wave to other people or shout out "HIIIIII" to make them almost crash...yep I'm weird LOLOL.
I can be shy when I don't know people but when I get to know you that a whole different story xD

P.S:My profile don't contain any hate I usually just delete any rude comments that pass by "dab on the haters"..

Add me on Snapchat:@aegmato! I follow everyone back.(;
Follow me on instagram/Hermitkitten~!
Follow me on Twitter!~@missangelyordle (I'm more on Twitter then insta.

Angel, nice to meet you my birdies!

;o;In a relationship so I don't ever roleplay anymore or tend to be on here just to redo my profile when I'm bored and have no other form of entertainment then blogging..LOL
;o;I'm a major Disney fan I really love Disney my all favorite Disney movie has to be Mulan. When I go to the beach I usually sing "under the sea" from the little mermaid!

;o;I love Rick and Morty no doubt it my all time favorite cartoon basically beside the Simpson and family guy.
;o;I have three cats name after the final fantasy characters..yep! Cloud, vicent, and tifa. If you add me on Snapchat you see a ton of videos and pics of them<3

I'm in love with my best friend we have been together for a very long time. He show me through light when I save him from darkness. We have three babies (cats) that we have been raising since kittens, we have the same goals and we just really never give up on each other even during the hardest times. Yeah we have arguments but we apologise right after and let it go. We just really understand each other.<3

Family means everything to me I keep everyone I love close to me even friends from far away. I'm actually a really nice person but please don't hurt my family I tend to overreact alot to protect them at all cost.

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    My Best friend Alexa <3 aka mitsuha • Velvet

    Latest Journal Entry

    It almost December!!!!! It my favorite month of the year just because of the Christmas spirits and my birthday is that month as well as my best friend! My hubby and I agree on getting our first Christmas tree together this year...(last year we didn't do it x.x) it gonna be excited I have plan to go to hobby lobby to purchase a Christmas tree and get some decor for our room then start buying Christmas present and birthday present I was thinking of surprising her at work with bunch of balloons and a gift for her <3

    My boyfriend is taking me to New York for my birthday so we won't be in town that weekend but it gonna be a blast I would get to meet his other family ^-^


    I'm gonna take lot of pictures and make a holiday Christmas journal when I come back with this adventure I wish we can autoplay videos on journals o:

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