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birthdayDec 18
last loginAug 14, 2017 11:16:24
date registeredJun 05, 2017 06:08:25
about Jibril

Hello! My name is legitimately Angel I have numerous of nicknames that I'm too lazy to type out. I've been on this site since 08, so if y'all have any questions feel free to pm me or the admins! We're all a family on this pink cute site. I was born on December 18 of 93 fucking sagittarius!!!
Im in a serious relationship meaning I am married to the love of my life that gives me tender kisses every morning before he goes to his daily work.

I've been in and out of work due to some complication of my leg but I'm succeeding in my own way and not being so depressed about it learning to love myself and that I have people supporting me in words I can't describe. It a road to recovery.

I don't party or drink that much just once in a blue moon. Honestly been sober from weed for awhile..!. (proud of myself!) Parties make me very clostrophobic and I get migranes very eaisly so I just don't attend to them.

I don't watch anime alot like I used to anymore but I do catch up on my favorite shows like boruto, attack on titan, berserk, one piece, dectective Conan ect. For regular shows I watch them on Showbox! Like pretty little liars and once upon a time sometimes supernatural. Half the time I be watching random YouTube videos or play the PS4 WHEN I'm bored at home.

My life right now is amazing. I have a husband and three cats to call a home.I love them very much especially my husband he my best friend and soul mate. I don't know what I do without him ,he the best thing to come home to every night.

Former known as Hermitkitten,Bye Bye Love.
Thank you for stopping by!

married to
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    Whats your favorite place to shop for home decor??
    Trying to like buy many home decor items for our new apartment.
    I usually shop at Target ...but what are y'all suggestion? (:
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