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birthdayDec 02
last loginNov 16, 2017 07:21:56
date registeredSep 05, 2017 03:29:03
about johnwillrememberthat
My name is Monti, I'm 33 and have two beautiful children. These are a few things that I like.

Comics created by people online. Please check out Lezhin when you can.

The Dune universe is my favorite fandom.

Horror fan. The makeup and effects are my favorite things about the horror genre.

I like ageless music, but the Beatles take me home. Ringo Starr is my favorite Beatle, it used to be Paul. I think Paul has changed too much these days.

I met my best friend on this website in 2004/2005-ish. We were makeup enthusiasts and had a lot of fun talking a bunch about it.

I studied FX makeup for a long time, today I do stage makeup and application and love it.

Classic monster movies are my soul. I become a gooey puddle when people want to talk to me about them.

My favorite fictional character is Quinlan from The Strain.

Star Trek, Creature from the Black Lagoon, 'Salem's Lot, Nosferatu, creature designs, folk music, Poland, historical figures, Armenia, the duduk, capybara, Chinese art, Strawhatz.
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The Zombie Race was fun. :-)

We're packing up to visit my friend in England. There's bad business happening with her and her mom is trying to bring her home. She doesn't live in England, she followed work there.

Thanksgiving is almost here, I'm stumped at where the time has gone. We're hunting our turkey and some quail and buying the bison from a seasonal fresh market. Bison is my favorite meat.

What do you MYFCers plan to cook up? Do you help your family and relatives cook? What kind of traditions do you have?
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