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birthdayJan 01
last loginJan 18, 2018 19:41:19
date registeredNov 22, 2017 22:37:00
about Takeru
A young man with shaggy orange looking hair chases after you, holding his arms out because he wants to hug you. You keep running because you don't want him to hug you. You don't want his friendship.

"HEY FRIENDSHIP!!!!!" He shouts to you, still running after you. You don't look back because you're scared. You're practically shaking in fear.

What if he catches you? What will happen then? What will happen to your soul?

You suddenly fall over and you look behind you as he finally catches up to you. He picks you up off the ground and wraps his arms around you. He embraces you tightly.

"I can feel your want to live!" He shouts, sounding annoying.
"Live damn!"

You feel yourself being drained of all your energy. All the friendship in you is now gone and you're dead. He pulls away, not knowing what in the world happened.

"Damn it! Friendship is just too powerful! Oh well! Onto the next person!" He turns away, leaving your body there in order to search for a new friendship.

+I give credit to the Kamen Rider Ghost abridge for how I make Takeru. I had to make him all about friendship for the laughs+
+Takeru only believes in friendship and Kouta+
+Takeru is a ghost. He died on his own birthday. Ha, what a scrub!+
+This account isn't to be taken seriously+
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I got the greatest gift for you all today! Friendship! Now come and get your gift!!!! It is a hug from me!

-chases after you all to give you all hugs-

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