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birthdayJan 01
last loginFeb 27, 2018 22:59:44
date registeredNov 24, 2017 16:30:20
about Zinnlia

Hello, my name is Jocie.
I'm an older member. My most popular users were: Garnet, Akito, and Kiva.
They were intricate aspects of my own personality as a teenager with too much imagination.

I have arrived from outerspace to eventually conquer da world. >:o

I'll start out by listing external factors that make Jocie --- well, Jocie.
I love to read more than anything in this world. I read quite a lot.
To the point, that sometimes, I don't get what is necessary done because I'm reading my 20th article of the day.

I'm a big cat momma.
I live by myself with my two beloved kitties.
I have to say I really enjoy. My kitties and I against the world.
I love my cat children more than anything in this world.

I am currently a political science major.
I try not to get too political on here or make major revelations about my stance politically, for more than a few reasons.
Most people are not really immersed in the political world. What you see is an exchange of facts and opinions when I do talk about it with people on here.
It's just a subject that's better discussed with people who understand it better.

I am 25 years old turning 26.
My hobbies are collecting merchandise, buying and applying makeup, reading, writing, and binge watching shows on Netflix/Hulu.
I've accumulated a VERY long list of shows I enjoy.

I am an admin on here. Despite, the reputation I've garnished, I am very chill most of the time, so feel free to talk to me.
If you do wish to start a conversation, but don't make it to long or too much about yourself, because I'll ignore you.
I hate when people ramble for hours about themselves.

This site introduced me to my long-term best friend, Alice.
She is the person I talk to the most on a daily basis.
I really care for Alice.
I love her much.

I really enjoy the holidays especially Christmas.
So, you will occasionally see me more active around holidays just because I'll be in a festive mood.
I love everything Disney.
I'm a big Game of Thrones fan.
I'm big on clay sculpting and DIY home decor.

If you're curious about my ethnicity, my sexual orientation, and my love:
I am multi-ethnic indigenous. I am a bisexual woman. Single.
(I am not looking for love on here.)

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