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Ah! My Goddess!
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Ah! My Goddess!
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birthdayFeb 16
last loginAug 20, 2017 17:44:44
date registeredMay 02, 2004 08:53:53
about Aurora

Hello! My name is

Many of you know me as Alice,
or by my real name, Leanne..
But regardless, it's a pleasure to meet you!


married to
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And get high! xD
Kidding! Or am I...?

... Almost as soon as I got WiFi, it became disconnected.

But do you think they can take me out that easily?
Awh hell nah! I upgraded my phone plan to allow Mobile Hotspot.
I... need my internet. Or I'll die.
No, I won't die. I'll just flunk my college courses, that's all.
And with school starting in a week... well, you know.
So, I'm here! Yippee. Let's all dance.

I plan on making a journal about my kitty eventually.
I just never have time. My last journal took all day.

Anyone excited for the solar eclipse that will be able to be seen in 14 states on August 21?

I'm pretty stoked! I'll be watching via livestream.
Sadly, I read that we won't be able to see it in Michigan...
But the last time this has happened was in 1918!
And it won't happen again until 2099... until we're all dead,

So look it up to find out if you can see it in your state!
It's called "The American Eclipse,"
and it occurs on August 21 beginning at 1PM.
From what I've seen, it's mainly southern states.
You lucky bastards!

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