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birthdayFeb 16
last loginSep 13, 2017 20:45:05
date registeredMay 02, 2004 08:53:53
about Aurora

Hello! My name is

Many of you know me as Alice,
or by my real name, Leanne..
But regardless, it's a pleasure to meet you!


married to
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Latest Journal Entry

Just about an hour ago,
I found out one of my childhood boyfriends
isn't with us anymore.
I met him on here when I was about 13 or so.
We both registered in 2006...
His name is Matt. He went by Neku...
He was my Mattie.
His account now is called DropDeadGorgeous,
but it's banned, so none of you can see it, but I can.

I'm crying my eyes out, and I'm shaking.
He was murdered in a public park, shot and stabbed...
His obituary is here: [ LINK ]

He passed away back in June, but I just found this out today.
A couple days ago something came over me,
and I had wanted to talk to him...
But I had lost his number on my phone.
This is what happened to him,
and who murdered him... [ LINK ] [ LINK ]
I can't believe this is happening...
I talked to Mattie for years on here.
We dated. I met up with him in RL
because he only lived about 40 minutes away.
Back then, we were maybe 15 and 14,
and I had to make up a lie
to my mom to take me to the mall
where I was going to see him.
But after that, I met up with him
in his town on multiple occasions...
My mom drove us around... took us to the movies.
I met his parents... I stayed with him in his room,
and he showed his music.
I just... I can't. He was a good friend of mine.
I feel really awful.

Mattie, I'm sorry I didn't find out sooner.
I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...
I don't understand how someone could do that to you.
They were jealous of your success!

[ LINK ]
[ LINK ]

Mattie... I'm so sorry...
You were a really good friend.
You were so nice to me...
I feel so bad... Reading over this is really making me cry.
Seeing your old hack on my profile. [ LINK ]
It's making me cry. You didn't deserve that.

I'm... going to add more to this in a little bit.
Make it all pretty...
I need to recollect myself.
But... I wanted to put this out there,
so everyone knew. We all knew him.
He was a good person. He did nothing wrong to deserve that.
I think... people need to realize
that anything can happen, and we have to be careful.

Rest in Paradise, Mattie!
Your birthday is coming up soon...
I need to do something to remember you.

I hope you're rocking the FUCK out of heaven!!!

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