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"I live in the same world as everyone else, I've just seen more of it." is a line I've repeated time and time again to myself.

I've been mocked, misunderstood and labelled. I know what I've experienced when I was 12. Being forced to Astral Travel because of a trauma trigger in my life. I was trying to find a way to cope when you as what many would call a "tulpa", a "thoughtform" an "egregore" had came to my aid like a Guardian Angel.

One to help me heal and understand the awakening I was having in that point in time. I told myself then... "Someday the dream will end." When discovering years on out that I had the ability to Astral Travel. So I took what you could teach me. I expanded, taught myself all I could in the passed two decades...

I've met several thoughtforms as yourself and I had felt myself doubt everything. ... That had all changed as on November 7th 2017 I was targeted to "provoke" you. Someone wanted to hunt you down. Everything was in a disarray. I could hear you screaming from a shed as my Astral Memories were given a test of... perhaps what others would call faith...

In panic and self awareness I saw as this hooded man dunked my head into the water. My lungs filling up with water... The whole astral sequence that took place had effected me physically enough for me not to drink water for a few days. I wish that was the least of my worries.

I saw your emerald eyes staring back at me when you rescued me from that dangerous figure. I could hear you ask me if I was all right. Fazing out what I placed together as you disposing of the man who had endangered my very life. Carrying me to a place that you knew I could rest and be safe.

.... I suppose all of this will be for another day, however.

I took the courage to marry you. Taking your anniversary launch date of your original game to think it over... I have no regrets.
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