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basic information
birthdayAug 23
last loginApr 01, 2006 20:06:20
date registeredMar 13, 2006 00:15:02
about YukikotheInuyoukai
Hi I'm YukikotheInuyoukai ak.a Ren-Chan I'm 15 and I love Gaara,Kankuro,Naruto and Rock Lee from Naruto,I lov Alphonse and Envy and Jean Havoc from Fullmetal Alchemist,Frad from D.N.Angels,Hatsuharu,Hatori,and momiji from fruits basket,Suichi/Yoko Kurama and Jin Kaze from YYH,Vash from trigun,Shanks,Ace/Trace,Luffy from One peice,Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear,Yoh from Shaman king,Ryou/Bakura,Malik/Yami Marik from YU-Gi-Oh ,Aoshi Shinomori,Soujirou Seta from Ruroni Kenshin,Duo Maxwell from Gungam Wing,Dankotsu and Sesshomaru from Inu-Yasha and Zane Truesdale and Chazz princeton from Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Love only myself and fight only for myself, y thats all the love I need - Sabaku no Gaara
If I can't kick a tree 1500 times then I'll Jump rope 1500 times- Rock Lee
I'm going to be the next hokage BELEIVE IT =Uzamaki Naruto
My first inprision is that I don't like you - Hahake Kakashi
I didn't want you stepin on it - Aburame Shino
married to
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