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birthdayFeb 09
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date registeredMay 02, 2004 12:42:08
about Charlotte

Welcome to Lotte's Land!

Lotte's Land is constantly changing!

Currently: Nowi: Eternal Youth (Fire Emblem Awakening)

I am friendly and open to messages!

I have a number of interests but I love poetry!

I'm a squishy kitty who just wants to get along with others!

My soul mate is cats, I am a cat. I like to sleep in the sun and show my love by being an asshole! Just give me pets and food and I will grow to love you!I can also be grumpy but really I'm a softie at heart.

Thank you for stopping by!

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So I went out with friends
to see the new Ghost in the Shell movie,
I wasn't expecting it to be good
but I love the series so much I couldn't help but go see it
and it was like...okay?
You know when a film is so average all you can do is shrug?
It was that.
The cinematography was awesome and they got all the important fight scenes,
and Batou's beagle friend showed up!
So at least there was that.
Tougasa was one of my favorite characters
and was barely in the movie which sucked,
and lots of other characters were cut down.
Aramaki was a badass though.

And it was pretty white,
which we all knew about
but the way they tried to save the movie
was stupid.

Spoilery stuff cause I can't help but rant,
basically Scarlet was playing Makoto
who was put into a cybernetic white person's body
and given a white identity/name,
I can't remember it off the top of my head,
but I thought it was insulting.
Like nah, fuck that,
you should have just got an Asian person to play her,
though Johansen did well in the acting department at least.
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