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Charlotte (Member Moderator)
basic information
birthdayFeb 09
last loginAug 27, 2017 19:31:16
date registeredMay 02, 2004 12:42:08
about Charlotte

Welcome to Lotte's Land!

Changing This Up Soon!

I'm Charlotte but I also go by Linny online a lot! I've been here for a while, 07 and try to be open to old and new members alike so send me a message if you want to!

I'm terribly indecisive and can never pick just one person so I switch my characters a lot.

You can also contact me on Discord @ Linny Charlie Shrimp#7700.

I'm very into poetry, reading and writing.
As you can tell. All quotes come from Bluets by Maggie Nelson!

My favorite show in the world is Twin Peaks.

Some background information! I'm 22 and currently working towards getting my Masters in Forensic Mental Health Counseling. I have a lot of interests such as movies, anime, poetry, jazz and can get a little too energetic at times! I'm terrible at talking about myself so just ask me anything you want, I'm a very open person!

I've always preferred the mythology of selkies over mermaids and sirens. The shy, somber women who slip their skins to dance upon the land and done them to return to the sea foam.

If you catch me I will stay, but only for seven years, til I turn toward salt and cold air.

I'm way to into surrealism, in all forms.
The weirder the better.

Thank you for stopping by!

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Status: Offline

Busy IRL So Activity Will Be Low 7 Days Til I Move!
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Latest Journal Entry
So I may end up doing like...both of them
but right now I thinking of changing to Nico Niiyama from Kiznaiver (which is a decent anime) but I just love Nico so much~ <3
She is precious.

She is one of the characters I wish I could be like more,
just because she is such a positive upbeat person.
Or Leonardo Watch (female version and male version) from Kekkai Sensen.
I just like the male characters from Kekkai Sensen better then the females one for some reason,
there are quite a bunch of bad ass woman on the show but aesthetically I'm just not that into them.
And Leonardo is a cutie. <3

The only other option I'm considering is Ichigo from Aikatsu which is my guilty pleasure anime.
I also like Yume from Stars but not as many pictures of her and there is of Ichigo yet.

I would have to admit my love for bad idol animes to the site though. xD

I like editing pics when I'm bored anyways so might just end up making a ton of icons. >>
Any opinions?
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