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dark magician girl
(tv shows & cartoons)
basic information
birthdayOct 14
last loginJun 07, 2008 17:38:02
date registeredOct 21, 2006 04:12:52
about angelsdeity
Im not the kind that usually goes random,..
but i can be one, given the chance,..
Ive been into cartoons and anime since my early grade school years,..
but i was already in my fifth grade when my drawings became really good,..
I like english, arts, and abstract,..
but i never got a liking for abstract paintings,..
Its despite the fact that i like looking at paintings and sculptures,..

Real name: I wont tell you
Age: 18
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown (looks very much like black)
Skin Color: Light brown
Height: 157 cm
Bloodline: (yeah, i know, this is silly) Half-filipino, quarter spanish, and quarter chinese
Specialty: Writing and drawing
Current Status: University student, junior
Affiliation: Journ Circle, friendster, myfconline, tokyopop,

As of today, im a communication student, focusing on journalism, you know that kind that writes in newspaper and magazines,..
Within 1 1/2 years, ill be a full fledged journalist..
Im 18 and ive always been known as someone who knows and draw anime really good..

Im into metal and rock these days.. The My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, and Slapshock types..

I admire Shoutarou Morikubo,..
and maybe it's because he is Ginji's seiyuu/voice actor..
But besides that, he's such a cutie,..

My goal for these days is to marry every single character that Shoutarou had voiced,...
I think I've married almost half of them,..
Just some more to go,..
Unfortunately, there some of them that are not listed here,..
Good luck to me,..

Amano Ginji have long been the center of my wildest fascination..
And i think he'll always and forever will be..

Im currently obsessed with Akaya Kirihara of Prince of Tennis and Sugino of Tactics,.. =)
But of course, that will never ever surpass my love for Ginji,..

other infos about me:
fav color- blue, every shades of it
fav food- pasta and cakes
fav animals- snakes and bunnies
fav sport- table tennis
hobby- drawing, watching tv, reading
zodiac sign- libra
chinese zodiac- serpent

likes: anything that is or related to anime,.. arts.. arts.. arts.. people that are open-minded,.. and true friends that will help you when you fall down,.. but still trip you after that,..

dislikes:people who often say,"sorry, im only human" when they make mistakes,.. brutes and hypocrites,..

fave anime series:
fushigi yuugi
harukanaru toki no naka de hachiyo shou
get backers
rurouni kenshin/samurai x
hana yori dango/ boys before flowers
bubblegum crisis
dn angel
full metal alchemist
fruits basket
groove adventure rave
gundam seed
inu yasha
tsubasa reservoir chronicles
and a lot more..

fave anime characters:
kurapika of hunter x hunter
chichiri of fushigi yuugi
kurama of yu yu hakusho
hisuka, or hyskoa of hunter x hunter
abe no yasuaki of harukanaru toki no naka de hachiyo shou
athrun zala of gundam seed
aya fujimiya of weiss kreuz/knight hunters
benitora of samurai deeper kyo
akaya kirihara of prince of tennis
and many many more....

Im not much into manga..
but im currently browsing them,..
im also reading manwhas..
heres a short list:
king of hell
mythical detective loki
spiral: suiri no kizuna
king of bandit jing

If anyone's asking what the heck those Latin phrases in my signature meant,..
Those words are from Cicero and it means...
"There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain.."

My web URL will lead you to my friendster blog account,..
Id be glad if you visit sometime.. =)

and anyone who's searching for a friend,..
you can add me,..
but please leave a message,..
so i can add you too,.. =)
"Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet,
consectetur, adispisci velit.."
My Beloved
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away....
But if he doesnt, nothing can make him stay,... [ LINK ]
married to
  1. Ginji Amano ( Get Backers )
  2. kurapica ( HunterXHunte r )
  3. Chichiri ( Fushigi Yuugi )
  4. raitei ( Get Backers )
  5. kurama wolf ( Ghost Fighter/Yu Yu Hakusho )
  6. Marron Glace ( Sorcerer Hunter )
  7. Abe Yasuaki ( Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Hachiyoushou )
  8. HOT Kenshin ( Rurouni Kenshin )
  9. aya ran fujimiya ( Weiss Kreuz )
  10. bishonen sesshoumaru ( InuYasha )
  11. kakashi's victor ( Naruto )
  12. Sohma Kyo ( Fruits Basket )
  13. son gohan ( dragon ballz )
  14. Niwa Daisuke ( D.N.Angel )
  15. hisuka/hisoka ( HunterXHunte r )
  16. Father Abel nightroad ( Trinity Blood )
  17. haku ( Naruto: Ways of a Ninja )
  18. Lee Jun Ki ( Korean Male Artists )
  19. Lee Jun Ki ( Male Actors/Movie /TV/Theater )
  20. Ginji Kawai ( Magical Girl Pretty Sammy )
  21. Ginji ( Get Backers )
  22. Ginji-san! ( Get Backers )
  23. raitei (ginji volts form) ( Get Backers )
  24. GINJI IS IS MINE!!!!!!!!! ( Get Backers )
  25. ginji sama!!! ( Get Backers )
  26. chibi ginji ( Get Backers )
  27. ginji cutie ( Get Backers )
  28. ginji kun ( Get Backers )
  29. ginji ( **for anime boy luvers** )
  30. ginji sama ( **for anime boy luvers** )
  31. Lord Wolfram Von Bielefelt ( Kyou Kara Maou )
  32. ginji sama ( get backers girls only )
  33. Wolfram ( Kyou Kara Maou )
  34. ginji ( anime get backers )
  35. Sephiroth ( Final Fantasy - Unlimited )
  36. Sha Gojyo ( Saiyuki Gaiden )
  37. Syaoran ( Card Captor Sakura )
  38. kadaaj ( Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children )
  39. ~Ayame Sohma~ ( Fruits Basket )
  40. Athrun Zala ( Gundam )
  41. Lee Dong Wook ( Korean Male Artists )
  42. lee dong gun ( Korean Male Artists )
  43. Kurei Mori or Kurei Kouran eit ( Flame Of Recca )
  44. Amano Gingi ( Get Backers )
  45. Prince Eagle ( Magic Knight Rayearth )
  46. Pluii ( Wedding Peach )
  47. Limone ( Wedding Peach )
  48. Young Marron ( Sorcerer Hunters )
  49. Anbu Kakashi ( ~*NARUTO*~ cHIBIS )
  50. MOMIJII ( Fruits Basket )
  51. jin the wind master ( Yu Yu Hakusho - Dark Torement )
  52. ginji ginji ( Get Backers )
  53. mine just mine ginji ( Get Backers )
  54. Ginji ( crazy_about_ anime )
  55. Amano Ginji ( Get Backers )
  56. Chibi Ginji ( Get Backers )
  57. Amano Ginji of AngelsDeity ( If you have an anime guy, come and claim him!!!! )
  58. ginji chan ( **for anime boy luvers** )
  59. ginji san ( **for anime boy luvers** )
  60. chibi ginji ( ANIME all anime freaks report here!!!!!!!! ! )
  61. Ginji Amano ( Chrno Crusade )
  62. Morikubo Shoutarou ( Voice Actors / Seiyuu )
  63. Hamrio Musica ( Rave Master )
  64. Narukami ( Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, The )
  65. Naru Shikamaru ( Naruto boys )
  66. Orphen ( Sorcerous Stabber Orphen )
  67. Akaya Kirihara ( Prince of Tennis )
  68. Aoi Shingo ( Capitan Tsubasa )
  69. Norikuni Iwata ( Excel Saga )
  70. Cecil ( Record of Lodoss War )
  71. Horu ( Melody of Oblivion )
  72. kai setsuna ( Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children )
  73. Sugino ( Tactics )
  74. Raphael ( Tenshi Ni Narumon )
  75. Jet Li ( Male Actors/Movie /TV/Theater )
  76. Rey Za Burrel ( Gundam Seed Destiny )
  77. Ryou Bakura ( YU-GI-OH! )
  78. Kim Jeong Hoon ( Male Actors/Movie /TV/Theater )
  79. kurei... ( Flame Of Recca )
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Latest Journal Entry
Have you ever heard these lines before..?

It really hurts when the one you love wished to part ways with you..
It sucks..
It makes the heart break to a thousand pieces..

But what can we do.?

Then, just as to make us feel better,..
They will say,..

The problem's not YOU.. It's ME..

The hell with that bullshit..

As if that could really cure the pain they have caused..

You gave what you can,..
But it still wont be enough.. =(
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