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Touken Ranbu
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Touken Ranbu
basic information
birthdayDec 21
last loginJun 04, 2007 14:17:18
date registeredNov 18, 2006 09:18:32
about ChelsieCakes
i love all time low.
and probbaly have longer then you.
dont shit talk me.
i;ll most likely win.
no im not cocky i just hate bitches.
everyone on my marriage list
i love with all my heart.
you can say you love them more.
but i;ll ignore you.
you have no i dea how i feel.
mmkay. and they mean more to me then just hotness.
they all have talent and are my inspiration.
my heroes.
a reason why i wake up everyday.
if they are in a band.
their music has helped me make it through life.
if their an actor their movies have had a major effect on my life.

they pretty much own.

"You've taken so much with you
But left the worst with me"
married to
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