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birthdayJun 21
last loginJan 03, 2007 08:46:33
date registeredJan 03, 2007 08:45:47
about Akasuna_No_Kayori1
Well, the things that is most important about me, are:
1) I love my horses; Al-Hattel, Kayori, Sheik, Jinni and (my newest horse *yearling*) Kamria.
2) I am MADLY in love with Akasuna No Sasori, from the Naruto manga series.

For those who are not to sure about Sasori, he is an/was Akatsuki member who was killed by Sakura and his grandmother, Chiyo. His real body was human, but he turned himself into a puppet, but has a human core, meaning; he still has his heart. He is the only person who can turn people into puppets. ^_^ And with a wopping 289 human puppets, you could say he was quiet the artist! Ah yes, his fine art was puppetry! ^_~
"You call those explosions a work of art?"
"Fine art endures the ages, eternal beauty."
"You could say... I was someone who could not become a full puppet."
"Humans too, are merely puppets."
"As a puppet, one's body can be rebuilt indefinitely."
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