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birthdayDec 11
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You'll find out soon.. all of you will.... *laughs maniacally*

*stops and smiles sweetly* Would anyone like some tea? Or cookies, perhaps? I made them myself..
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Here are a few poems I've written. May you all like them or suffocate. Either way, I am satisfied.

Darkness In My Dreams
I couldn't stand the way I was
Though I seemed so happy and sweet.
I hated being responsible and trusting,
Being blind to deception and deceit.
So I changed my whole outlook
On everything my mind took in.
I saw the lies my friends told me
And the shallowness of bathetic men.
It hurts my fragile soul
To experience this new-found pain.
So by changing who I was
What was it that I gained?
Now I hate the world I see
For being so cruel and mean.
I want to kill all these people
Who are darker than they once seemed.
I have dreams about their deaths,
Of the blood that gushes from their eyes
From the knife that I thrust
Through their bodies that tell lies.
I tie them up and gag them,
Torture them; I love their agony.
I want to make them suffer,
To watch their extreme misery.
I know the weapons I will use:
The chains, whips, and fierce blade,
The dungeon I will lock them in,
The exact spots inside them I will raid.
I'll watch as the rose madder liquid
Drips from their open wounds.
So because I didn't like myself,
The whole world here is doomed.

Missing Soul
You are the worst of people
I loathe your every inhalation
How could you abandon me?
I was so devoted, so enamored
I wept for you when you were sad
I suffered when you were tormented
I beamed when you were proud
I took the retributions you deserved
I... I died for your happiness
Do you understand the vigor of my love yet?
So what if I don’t live near you?
I visited you as often as possible
I called to you in the night
I prayed for you, conversed to you
I poured my soul out for you!
How could you?
I spent my whole life, my every moment
Doing my best to try to gratify you
But I'm not sufficient, am I?
So you stole my essence
You kept it, and got more from others
I am just one of millions to you...
So now I am an empty shell, like the others
But just know one thing…
I loved you more than any of them
My missing soul is happy to be with you

Blood From The Faucet
I will never be clean
This shower makes me dirtier
My body went from sallow to crimson
My mane is drenched with the filthiness
Colossal blood clumps mask my corpse
There is more than blood, of course
'cause that would be getting off easy
Dirt shoots out at me
The grunge splats on my face
The soil engulfs my body
I desperately need something clear
But all is rose madder and brown
I am dingy and replusive
My tears are the only uncontaminated liquid
But though I am weeping hard
They are not enough to overcome the blood
This is the worst punishment ever
But I deserve it, every last drop
I will never be clean
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