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birthdayJul 21
last loginApr 27, 2007 19:53:17
date registeredMar 22, 2007 09:05:38
about Ryuichilover450
I love anime!!!!! i love Ryuichi , Shuichi, Yuki, Tatsuha, Hiroshi, and Tohma
Bye pplz
married to
  1. Tohma Seguchi ( Gravitation )
  2. Tatsuha Uesugi ( Gravitation )
  3. Shuichi Shindou ( Hot Guys )
  4. Ryuichi Sakuma ( Hot Guys )
  5. Hunter Steele ( Spider Riders )
  6. Momiji Sohma ( ~*Fruits Basket*~ )
  7. All of you who married Hiro-ku ( Gravitation )
  8. Aizawa Tachi ( Gravitation )
  9. Fujusaki Suguru ( Gravitation )
  10. Kumagorou ( Gravitation )
  11. Kouga ( kouga )
  12. Radu Barvon ( Trinity Blood )
  13. Leon Garcia de Asturias ( Trinity Blood )
  14. Dietrich_von_Lohengrin ( Trinity Blood )
  15. Ion (MINE ONLY!!) ( Trinity Blood )
  16. Sora ( Airgear )
  17. Akito ( Airgear )
  18. Fuji Wataru ( Only the Ring Finger Knows )
  19. Yuichi Kazuki ( Only the Ring Finger Knows )
  20. kai ( blood + )
  21. Wiz the buuny ( DNAngel )
  22. Smile Krad!!! ( DNAngel )
  23. d@rk ( DNAngel )
  24. Drew ( Pokemon )
  25. Ashton Ketchum ( Pokemon Battle Frontier )
  26. Alto ( Tokyo Mew Mew )
  27. Deep Blue ( Tokyo Mew Mew )
  28. elliot/ryou ( Tokyo Mew Mew )
  29. Takuma ( Vampire Knight )
  30. Hanabusa Aido ( Vampire Knight )
  31. Senri Shiki ( Vampire Knight )
  32. Zero -kun ( Vampire Knight )
  33. TOSHIKI SHIRASAKI ( Absolute Boyfriend )
  34. Echizen Nanjirou ( Prince of Tennis )
  35. Kaidoh Kaoru ( Prince of Tennis )
  36. Takeshi Momoshiro ( Prince of Tennis )
  37. Shinji Ibu ( Prince of Tennis )
  38. Aoyagi Seimei ( Loveless )
  39. Grown up Ritsuka ( Loveless )
  40. Midori ( Loveless )
  41. Natsuo ( Loveless )
  42. Aoyagi Ritsuka ( Loveless )
  43. Youji ( Loveless )
  44. Ritsuka kun ( Loveless )
  45. brotherly love hikaru + kaoru ( Ouran High School Host Club )
  46. hunny bunny ( Ouran High School Host Club )
  47. Takashi Morinozuka ( Ouran High School Host Club )
  48. Tamaki Suoh ( Ouran High School Host Club )
  49. Bunny Momiji ( ~*Come here if you love Momiji Sohma )
  50. Simba ( Lion King, The )
  51. vitani ( Lion King, The )
  52. Kovu ( Lion King, The )
  53. Timon ( Lion King, The )
  54. Tojo ( Lion King, The )
  55. kiba(wolf) ( Wolf's Rain )
  56. toboe(wolf) ( Wolf's Rain )
  57. Hige ( Wolf's Rain )
  58. Kiba ( Wolf's Rain )
  59. Toboe ( Wolf's Rain )
  60. tsume(wolf) ( Wolf's Rain )
  61. inuyasha ( *inuyasha* )
  62. Balto ( Balto )
  63. Nava ( Balto )
  64. Steele ( Balto )
  65. Niju ( Balto )
  66. demon inuyasha ( *inuyasha* )
  67. inutaiso ( *inuyasha* )
  68. Sesshoumaru in dog demon form ( *inuyasha* )
  69. ~*~Lord Sesshomaru~*~ ( *inuyasha* )
  70. Alviss ( Mar )
  71. Train HeartNet ( Black Cat )
  72. Sven Vollfied ( Black Cat )
  73. Creed Diskence ( Black Cat )
  74. Jenos Hazard ( Black Cat )
  75. Train shirtless ( Black Cat )
  76. Nanashi ( Mar )
  77. Phantom ( Mar )
  78. Rolan ( Mar )
  79. Kai ( BeyBlade )
  80. Tala ( BeyBlade )
  81. Brooklyn ( BeyBlade )
  82. Tyson Granger ( BeyBlade )
  83. Riku ( kingdom hearts 2 )
  84. Sora ( kingdom hearts 2 )
  85. Cloud Strife ( Kingdom Hearts Series )
  86. *Sora* ( Kingdom Hearts Series )
  87. Axel ( Kingdom Hearts Series )
  88. Roxas ( Kingdom Hearts Series )
  89. Squall Leonhart ( Kingdom Hearts Series )
  90. Tidus ( Kingdom Hearts Series )
  91. Hot Kurama ( Yu Yu Hakusho )
  92. Hiei Fighting ( Yu Yu Hakusho )
  93. Keonma ( Yu Yu Hakusho )
  94. kimimaro ( Yu Yu Hakusho )
  95. Youko Kurama Nice Hair ( Yu Yu Hakusho )
  96. Yusuke Urameshi ( Yu Yu Hakusho )
  97. 2nd Hokage -Nidamie ( Naruto )
  98. 4th hokage ( Naruto )
  99. 6th Hokage -Rokudaime ( Naruto )
  100. Dan ( Naruto )
  101. Dark Sasori ( Naruto )
  102. Momoshiro Takeshi ( Prince of Tennis )
  103. Izumi ( Hana-Kimi )
  104. Izumi Sano ( Hana-Kimi )
  105. Kayashima ( Hana-Kimi )
  106. Shin ( Hana-Kimi )
  107. Sano ( Hana-Kimi )
  108. Nanba ( Hana-Kimi )
  109. Nakatsu ( Hana-Kimi )
  110. Umeda ( Hana-Kimi )
  111. Edward ( _FMA_ )
  112. eiji ( prince of tennis =^_^= )
  113. fuji syusuke ( prince of tennis =^_^= )
  114. Kaoru Kaidoh ( prince of tennis =^_^= )
  115. momoshiro ( prince of tennis =^_^= )
  116. ryoma~kun ( prince of tennis =^_^= )
  117. Black Haru ( Fruits Basket )
  118. cool Kyo Soma ( Fruits Basket )
  119. Hatsuharu ( Fruits Basket )
  120. Kakeru Manabe ( Fruits Basket )
  121. Hatori-kun ( Fruits Basket )
  122. Kasuma Sohma ( Fruits Basket )
  123. momiji is mine got that ( Fruits Basket )
  124. My Aya ( Fruits Basket )
  125. Naohito Sakuragi ( Fruits Basket )
  126. Older Momiji ( Fruits Basket )
  127. Yuki Soma ( Fruits Basket )
  128. Shigure Sohma ( Fruits Basket )
  129. **koga** ( koga )
  130. Ed 365 ( All About Edward Elric )
  131. Tramp ( Lady and the Tramp )
  132. Kimba Son Of Panja ( Kimba The White Lion )
  133. Aram ( MeruPuri )
  134. Astale=El=Daemonia Eucharista Jeile ( MeruPuri )
  135. Hershkia.Lei=Liply ( MeruPuri )
  136. Zehrotuhia Razalude ( MeruPuri )
  137. Goku&Vegeta ( Yaoi couples )
  138. NarutoXSasuke ( Yaoi couples )
  139. RyuichiXTatsuha ( Yaoi couples )
  140. SeimeiXSoubi ( Yaoi couples )
  141. Heero Yuy ( Gundam Wing )
  142. Milliardo Peacecraft ( Gundam Wing )
  143. Zechs Merquise ( Gundam Wing )
  144. Trowa Barton ( Gundam Wing )
  145. Duo Maxwell ( Gundam Wing )
  146. Naruto ( ~Naruto~ )
  147. Akatsuki Leader ( ~Naruto~ )
  148. demon fox ( ~Naruto~ )
  149. Itachi ( ~Naruto~ )
  150. Kimimaro ( ~Naruto~ )
  151. Kiba ( ~Naruto~ )
  152. Kakashi ( ~Naruto~ )
  153. Cloud ( Anime kitties )
  154. ayame ( Anime kitties )
  155. daisuke ( Anime kitties )
  156. Dark ( Anime kitties )
  157. Edward ( Anime kitties )
  158. gaara ( Anime kitties )
  159. Gravitation ( Anime kitties )
  160. haru ( Anime kitties )
  161. hatori ( Anime kitties )
  162. hiei ( Anime kitties )
  163. Hige ( Anime kitties )
  164. ichigo ( Anime kitties )
  165. Inuyasha ( Anime kitties )
  166. Kai ( Anime kitties )
  167. Kakashi ( Anime kitties )
  168. Kenshin ( Anime kitties )
  169. Kiba ( Anime kitties )
  170. Kohaku ( Anime kitties )
  171. Kouga ( Anime kitties )
  172. Kurama ( Anime kitties )
  173. Kyo ( Anime kitties )
  174. Miroku ( Anime kitties )
  175. Naruto ( Anime kitties )
  176. ryuhou ( Anime kitties )
  177. Sasuke ( Anime kitties )
  178. Sesshomaru ( Anime kitties )
  179. shigure ( Anime kitties )
  180. Spike ( Anime kitties )
  181. shikamaru ( Anime kitties )
  182. Squall ( Anime kitties )
  183. toboe ( Anime kitties )
  184. trowal ( Anime kitties )
  185. Yuki ( Anime kitties )
  186. yusuke ( Anime kitties )
  187. Bakura ( Anime kitties )
  188. Danny ( Cats Don't Dance )
  189. Kai ( Blood+ )
  190. Solomon ( Blood+ )
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Latest Journal Entry
Desires of Demons

An 18 yr –old wolf demon walks around looking for a cave to sleep in for the night. She wears white wolf tribe clothing. She’s injured from the zombies who attacked her tribe and killed all her family n friends. She trips on a rock and falls down the hill scratching up her body even more, the deep wounds she has get bigger and deeper. She just lies at the bottom of the hill trying to get up but then she stops trying and just lays there blood gushing from her wounds, she howls in pain and sees a black shadow run in front of her, then she passes out.

She wakes up and sees an 18 yr-old boy tending to her wounds; he wears eastern wolf pack clothing. “Oh your awake you took a really bad fall back there”, says the boy. She just looks at him. “Hi, I’m Mamoru of the Eastern Wolf Pack; I’m the leader of the pack and you are?” Mamoru says. “I’m Suzukia I was the leader of the White Wolf Tribe”, says Suzukia as she starts to cry. “What happen to your tribe?” Mamoru asks as he comforts her. “They were killed by zombies and I was the only one to survive, but not unscathed they gave me deep wounds as you can see”, says Suzukia to Mamoru. “You can stay with me and my pack if you want Suzukia”, Mamoru says as he nuddles her. “I’ll have to think about it Mamoru”, says Suzukia to Mamoru. Mamoru moves in close to Suzukia’s face and kisses her really quickly on the lips and runs out of the cave blushing. “Don’t leave me” she yells then runs after him, but she trips again and starts to fall and open her wounds back up. She howls in pain louder then before. Mamoru turns around and sees Suzukia falling so he runs back up the mountain’s hill to get Suzukia. “Suzukia hold on”, says Mamoru as he catches Suzukia and takes her back to the cave and puts her on his big bed. He tends to her wounds again, then Mamoru curls up next to Suzukia but before he falls asleep he kisses her on her forehead. Suzukia wakes up to see Mamoru and his pack asleep. She licks Mamoru on the face, and lays her head on his chest and nuddles him. Suzukia falls asleep on Mamoru’s chest. Mamoru opens one eye and puts his hand on Suzukia’s side.

A half demon sleeps in a cave not to far from Mamoru and his pack. He wears The Robe of the Water Rat which is blue, and he has sliver hair. He wakes up and stretches. He sees that the sun is coming up. Walks out of his cave and walks over to Mamoru’s cave and looks inside the cave cautiously. He sniffs the air and smells a new scent. “It’s a women wolf demon, and she smells nicer than those other wolf demons”, says the half demon. He just stands there sniffing the air. Suzukia wakes up but stretches first, and tries not to wake up Mamoru and the pack. She starts to walk to the cave entrance but stops and sees somebody and walks up really slow to the person or demon. The half demon looks at Suzukia. Suzukia sees it’s a half demon but still walks up to him slowly. “What’s your name?” she says to the half demon. “Inumaru and what’s yours?” Inumaru says to Suzukia. Suzukia starts to walk away not hearing wat Inumaru said after he told her his name. “Well bye Inumaru”, says Suzukia as she walks away. “Hey don’t walk away from me I asked you a question”, says Inumaru. “If you can catch me I’ll answer your question”, says Suzukia as she starts to run. Inumaru starts to run after Suzukia. “Hey come back here”, says Inumaru. “No”, says Suzukia.
Suzukia’s running swiftly and Inumaru just a little bit farther behind. Inumaru speeds up a little more; Suzukia looks back and sees Inumaru right on her heels and so she speeds up. “U can’t catch me Inumaru”, says Suzukia. Inumaru jumps into a tree, he starts to jump from tree to tree then he stops when he’s right over her. Suzukia stop and looks around for Inumaru. Inumaru jumps out of the tree and lands on Suzukia. “I caught you now tell me your name”, says Inumaru. “Yes I guess you did Inumaru, my name’s Suzukia”, she says. Inumaru looks at her smiling and says, “I like your name it’s cute for you.” Inumaru moves his face closer to Suzukia and kisses her, Suzukia looks at him surprised and then closes her eyes and kisses back.

Mamoru’s packs wolves’ growl and circle around Suzukia and Inumaru. Suzukia sniffs the air and pushes Inumaru off of her and crawls away from him. Inumaru looks at the wolves then looks at Suzukia. The wolves move so Suzukia can get out, and Suzukia crawls out. “Suzukia wait”, says Inumaru. The wolves then turn back and growling at Inumaru. Inumaru moves back and whines for Suzukia. Suzukia crawls trying to get away, not looking back in Inumaru’s direction. Suzukia hears growls in front of her. She looks up, and sees two of Mamoru’s best wolves Ramaru and Kamaru in front of her. “Hey Ramaru and Kamaru”, says Suzukia. Ramaru and Kamaru whine yelp and jump on Suzukia and lick her face. Suzukia pets both of them, then looks up again and sees Mamoru stand in front of her. She smiles at Mamoru and walks to hug him. Mamoru just looks at her and walks past her to the wolves. The wolves move and let Mamoru walk in then close it back up. Inumaru stands up and looks at Mamoru. “Suzukia’s a great kisser Mamoru did you know that?” says Inumaru. “Ramaru and Kamaru protect Suzukia” says Mamoru. Ramaru and Kamaru growl and all the other wolves run to Suzukia and circle around her, Ramaru and Kamaru sit right next to Suzukia. “I guess you didn’t know that Mamoru”, says Inumaru. Inumaru charges at Mamoru and jumps up and kicks Mamoru down into the ground. “Mamoru!” yells Suzukia as she stands up. Ramaru and Kamaru paw and bark at Suzukia. “But…” says Suzukia. Ramaru and Kamaru whine. “Ok”, says Suzukia, and she sits back down. “Damn you”, say Mamoru. Mamoru gets up and growls then charges at Inumaru and punches him in the face, Inumaru goes flying, Mamoru runs under him and kicks him repeatedly up into the air, then Mamoru jumps off the ground and hovers over Inumaru then kicks him down into the ground. Inumaru struggles to get up; he wipes the blood from his mouth. “Damn it” Inumaru says. Inumaru runs to Mamoru and starts to punch him in the face and punches him the stomach then kicks him in the chin. Mamoru goes flying in a tree and howls in pain. Inumaru runs swiftly to Mamoru and kicks him in the stomach repeatedly, and Mamoru grunts and coughs up blood, then Inumaru kicks him one more time and he flies though some trees and just lays there. “Damn you”, says Mamoru because he can’t move. “Your done Mamoru”, says Inumaru. Inumaru starts to run to Mamoru ready finish him off. Suzukia looks at Ramaru and Kamaru. “Ramaru and Kamaru go save Mamoru please”, says Suzukia. Ramaru and Kamaru leap over the other wolves and run to Mamoru and they’re running right behind Inumaru, then they run around him and run to Mamoru. Inumaru stops running as he looks at Ramaru and Kamaru. ”What the hell”, says Inumaru. Ramaru and Kamaru stand in front of Mamoru and growl at Inumaru. Inumaru shrugs and starts to run again ready to finish Mamoru off. Suzukia leaps out over the wolves and runs to Mamoru. “Mamoru are you ok?” says Suzukia. Mamoru doesn’t say anything to Suzukia. Inumaru stops running and says, “Suzukia what are you doing?” Suzukia looks at Inumaru. “I’m protecting Mamoru”, says Suzukia. “That worthless wolf demon couldn’t even beat me a half demon, you’d be better off coming and live with me and be my girl than live with him Suzukia”, says Inumaru. “S-S-S-S-Suzukia get out of here your going to get hurt”, says Mamoru. Suzukia starts to cry, “NO I’m not leaving you here to die”. Mamoru looks at Suzukia and says, “I don’t disserve to live Suzukia”. Mamoru looks away from Suzukia. Suzukia put her hand on Mamoru’s face and turns it toward her and says, “Yes you do and at least you still have a pack to leader”. Mamoru tries to get up, but he can’t. “I can’t get up Suzukia” he says. Suzukia whistles for the other wolves to come over and get Mamoru. They run over, Suzukia puts Mamoru on a wolf carefully not to cause him anymore pain then he’s already in and she tells the wolves to take Mamoru back to the cave. “Suzukia what about you?” says Mamoru. “I’ll be fine I have Ramaru and Kamaru to help me”, Suzukia smiles and looks back at Inumaru. The wolves start to run with Mamoru on one of the wolves backs holding on to the wolf’s fur. Inumaru tries to run to finish Mamoru, but Ramaru and Kamaru jump in front of him and growl then Inumaru turns back around and looks at Suzukia. “Why?” says Inumaru. “You almost kill Mamoru the one I want to spend the rest of my life with Inumaru”, says Suzukia. Suzukia looks at Inumaru and waves to him. “Bye Inumaru, come on Ramaru and Kamaru lets go home” she says. Suzukia starts to run back to Mamoru’s cave. Inumaru just waves and watches Suzukia leave.
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