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birthdayJan 25
last loginJun 21, 2007 03:33:00
date registeredMar 27, 2007 17:49:26
about Vampire_Serafin
I'm 18. As you can tell from my name i am a turned vampire. i was once just a normal demon but one night i ran into Cain...a vampire. i fell in love and he turned me. things didnt work out. i tend to be happy, hyper, and very optamistic about things. On the other hand i do have bad days but i dont know one who doesnt. If you go to my website you will read lots of dark things. that really the only reason i use that site. to let out all my frustration. i am bisexual, so yes i do like both males and females. infact in the real world i have a girlfriends. No im not afraid to do a threesome or more. ill try anything once. i have green hair and violet eyes unless im upset someway. if im upset they become red. im not sure what else to put. if there is anything else you would like to know about me just shoot me an e-mail ok?
a love that goes unanswered is a love that kills deep inside and bleeds forever.
i have loved the stars to fondly to be fearfull of the night.
not all that seems dark is evil and not all that seems light is good.
well behaved women rarely make history.
chaos, panic, and distruction...looks like my work here is done.
married to
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hey this is my first time so im not going to write very much. i just want to say ho to everyone and i hope everyones having a good day.( bouncing on the balls of her feet a cheery smile set in place that could melt even the coldest of all the cold hearts in the world.) im really happy right now. i dont know why, but i am. ( twirls around to show off her kiwaii skirt ans shirt. her shirt was a light tan and lowcut. it was spagetti strapped and was v shape. her skirt came up right above her knees and was a pure white.) so tell me what do you think? i just got it a while ago. im going to go now. one of my more annoying male friends keep talking to me about horror movies.
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