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birthdaySep 26
last loginDec 12, 2014 22:58:34
date registeredApr 11, 2007 06:40:36
about Moka_chan_
Say what?

*•*•*• Real Life •*•*•*

•Name: Shirlene

•Age: 20 <3
Sophomore Junior

•Appearance: Honey Blonde with Highlights; Hazel Eyes; Fair Skin.

•Status and Sexuality: Single and Straight.

•Activities: Watching Movies, Reading, Being with Friends, Taking Pictures, Shopping, Archery, Being Conservative.

•Interests: Making new friends, Bows, Knowledge, Art, Korean Dramas, Books, Coffee, Starbucks, Cute things, Nature.

-Shirley Wurley

*•*•*• Shirlene? •*•*•*

•A girl that loves to make friends.
•A girl that will stand up for for others.
•A girl that is random but serious.
•A girl that is real. She is sweet and kind.
•A girl that is apologetic, and has manners.
•A girl that is a leader.
•A girl that thinks about the future like crazy.
•A girl that will never back down for something she believes in.

*•*•*• Favorite Anime/Manga •*•*•*

-Blood +
-Case Closed
-Code Geass
-Death Note
-Faster than a Kiss
-Fruits Basket
-Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
-Hetalia Axis Powers
-Ouran high school Host Club
-Vampire Knight

*•*•*• Online Family •*•*•*

•The Important Ones:
-NonsensicalLiar (rl)
-Tight_Pants (rl)

•Big Sisters:

•Younger Sister:


•Big Brother:



•Lovely Stalker:

Thanks for reading my profile! <3

*•*•*• My Hacks From My Lovelies •*•*•*

xxx~xlalaxs Hack zone~<2+1~

Hey, xlalax here. Moka is effin' bomb. Don't even think of being a perv/meanie to her. I won't hesitate to go kung-fu on yer scrawny ass. Btw, I love you like fat kids love pancakes. <3

I hacked yer profile again, because I'm rediculously bored. Omfg, we're so bitchin', all rapeing Taco Bell for a living... So yeah. Anways. c: When we beat the fuck outta nick, I'll be shitting my pants because I'm laughing so hard. Mu-ah-ha-ha-ha! :D

Another hack from me! When yer right over my shoulder! Yeah-hawh! So anyways- Yes. You, my friend, are jealous because i have anally raped this profile more times than you ever will. Teehee. :3 <3
peace in the middle east!


Who's this dumbass above me? <3

Oh, just joking, Alanna. She could never take a joke. <3


Hello, Cass here. <3

Your one and only love.

Between trolling that douche, and talking to you, life is pretty sweet, I must say. :]

So according to Zombieland, and my philosophy to life,

Enjoy the little things. <3

Even if it's cutting down emo kids who don't know their place in life. :]]

I love you more than words can say.

Because it's not words that matter, not here.

They don't count.

But us, we're real.

And that's what makes it so sweet.


ilyilyilyilyilyilyily. :D

!!!!!!!!Courtney's Hack Zone 2.0!!!!!!
Okay, I have tried every single password alive to try to get into my account, but it's not working. I want to get into it soooo bad. I send the thingy where you can make a new password, but the admin hasn't done anything about it yet....mean panties...I shouldn't have changed my password...i feel sooo stupid...well, this is my hack...see ya in 1st hour!
Courtney May 3rd, 2010

Emi/Kaori/Trazzle/Kyra's Hack Zone:
• Hey you! ;] It's Kyra-Emi! :D
• This girl named Shiri is friggin kick ass :D
• ANY of you guys hurt her, and I warn you. I am a boxer, I will put the hurt on you >:(
• Shiri, you have been such a great friend the past few years and no one can compare :] You are sweet, smart, and quite wise for you're age :D I hope to get to meet you someday offline, stay beautiful!
I less than three you ;]
• • • Trazzle • • •

married to
  1. Akito Hayama ( Kodocha )
  2. Yuki Sohma ( Fruits Basket )
  3. Takuto ( Fullmoon wo sagashite )
  4. Sohma Yuki ( Sohma Yuki )
  5. shigure ( Fruits Basket Boy Characters )
  6. Gaara ( !Naruto Chicks! and some guys!!! )
  7. Naruto ( Naruto hotties )
  8. Neji ( Naruto hotties )
  9. Hunny ( Host Club )
  10. {princess rukia & van55555} ( My DrEaM cOmE tRuE (couples only) )
  11. Conan Edogawa ( Detective Conan )
  12. Haru ( ***HoT*AnImE *GuYsZ*** )
  13. sesshomaru ( sesshomaru.. .. )
  14. {princess_rukia} ( PPL who consider themselves ~Kawaii~ )
  15. Fourth Hokage ( Naruto:4th Hokage Barry's Legacy )
  16. White_winged_angel ( *Humms* If Your Happy An You Know It Add YourSelf )
  17. Happy Kyo ( Fruit Basket sohma family )
  18. Kyo ( Fruits Basket Boy Characters )
  19. Edward ( Link and Edward )
  20. Van55555 (brother) ( honda_tohru' s friends & family (add yourself if you know me!) )
  21. White_winged_angel *BFF and sister* ( honda_tohru' s friends & family (add yourself if you know me!) )
  22. Bun-bun ( *Host Club, Ouran High School* )
  23. :P ( ~*Come here if you love Momiji Sohma )
  24. Cutie pie Momiji ^^ ( ~*Come here if you love Momiji Sohma )
  25. Momiji Sohma ( ~*Come here if you love Momiji Sohma )
  26. Older Momiji ( ~*Come here if you love Momiji Sohma )
  27. Ed 271 ( All About Edward Elric )
  28. Ed 364 ( All About Edward Elric )
  29. Ed 367 ( All About Edward Elric )
  30. Haji ( blood + )
  31. Riku Miyagusuku ( blood + )
  32. Moses ( blood + )
  33. Solomon Goldsmith ( blood + )
  34. +_kAnAme kurAn_+ ( Vampire Knight )
  35. *Zero* ( Vampire Knight )
  36. * Zero Kiryu * ( Vampire Knight )
  37. Mark ( Clean House )
  38. Serene_Wonders ( What do you look like in RL??^-^ )
  39. Cute_Music_Bunny ( What do you look like in RL??^-^ )
  40. Cute_Music_Bunny *lol!!!!* Xp ( BOOBIEZ MAKE ME SMILE!! :D )
  41. Moka_chan_ ( CLOWNBUSTERS : people who think clowns are evil )
  42. Russia ( Hetalia: Axis Powers )
  43. America ( Hetalia: Axis Powers )
  44. Austria ( Hetalia: Axis Powers )
  45. Chibitalia ( Hetalia: Axis Powers )
  46. England ( Hetalia: Axis Powers )
  47. France ( Hetalia: Axis Powers )
  48. HungaryXAustria ( Hetalia: Axis Powers )
  49. Italy ( Hetalia: Axis Powers )
  50. Japan ( Hetalia: Axis Powers )
  51. Korea ( Hetalia: Axis Powers )
  52. -L- ( Death Note )
  53. China ( Hetalia: Axis Powers )
  54. Emi_ (:3) ( What do you really look like? :3 )
  55. xlalax MY NAME IS CLEETIS TACOTACO :D ( be my friend i like random things )
  56. Moka_Chan ( Chris Gupta's Family )
  57. Cute_Music_Bunny *I love muffins* ( ~*~Ppl who love to cook!!~*~ )
  58. Rue Does ^-^ ( **Ppl who just wanna burst out Dancing ** )
  59. usui ( kaichou wa maid sama )
  60. Hinata Mutou ( I am Here! )
  61. Teru Mikami ( I am Here! )
  62. Peeta ( Hunger Games, The )
  63. NonsensicalLiar - The Group Medic. <3 ( MYFC Zombie Apocalypse Survivors )
  64. Moka_chan_ ( MYFC Zombie Apocalypse Survivors )
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Latest Journal Entry
Whoops, I did it again.

I played with your hearts.

Forgot to sign on.


Anyway, I'm back.

I can't promise for good and I can't even promise for a little bit.

But let's enjoy ourselves while we have the time.

A question miss!
Yes sir or madame?
Who are you exactly and why do we care?
Who am I? WHO AM I?
Yes, that was the quest-
An older member, a distant one. A person who survived the blockalypse where many were banned from this precious site.
Digressing, I am a girl with wisdom to share. If you so desire, we might have a chat or become pals.

Your choice of course.

Enjoy the selfie below.

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