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basic information
birthdayMar 14
last loginSep 02, 2007 06:18:51
date registeredJul 17, 2007 15:00:36
about Princess_Tsuki_Hide
Hello. *bows and dances around the Ball Room* My name is Tsuki Hide (Sue-key He-day)... or Tamo Dai... and I am a Princess to almost all at my school.

My big secret? Well... I am acctually a boy... who dressess like a girl...

It's not that I want to be a girl... it is just that I like dressing like one At my school I feel excepted because people like that I dress like a girl and most worship me. According to all the boys, I'm more preety then any of the real girls...

Is that wrong?

By the way, although I am still single, my heart is taken!!! (So please don't flirt or ask me out, I don't want to hurt someone's heart...)


Oh, and by the way, I'm part Neko!!!

Now an explanation of Tsuki and Ryo, told by Ryo! *laughs evily* Tsuki-sama dosen't want ppl to know, but here it is!
Tsuki:Don't you dare tell them...

Ryo:*bonks Tsuki-sama's head* Tsuki-sama is our princess you see, he dresses like a girl and he is the most beautiful girl ever! He is even beautiful when he dosen't dress like a girl! Every one in our school loves him and even Tsuki-sama's upper class men (like me) call him tsuki-sama. So as you can see, tsuki kind of hates being popular.

Tsuki:I just can't help it...

Ryo:His GPA is 4.0 and his IQ is 180!!!

Tsuki:*sweat drop* yeah...

Ryo:He is in all but one third year class, even though he is only a first year! Tsuki-sama is the most popular, loved, and respected person at this school.

Tsuki:You can stop now...

Ryo:But you see, Tsuki-sama has a weak heart and immune system so he gets sick quite often, which makes ppl baby him and everyone wants to catch him when he gets dizzy. Soooooo IIIII (I) have the job of rescuing Tsuki-sama from all of his fans and making sure he dosen't get to sick!

Tsuki:Although most the time, Ryo is out partying after school...

Ryo:Shh! Tsuki-sama, this is my explanation!
Tsuki-sama is very small so he gets trampled by his fans very often. Tsuki-sama is only 5' 1" and he weighs 97 (or less) lbs!
He is 16 by the way. Luckily I am almost 18, 6' 2" and I weigh 180 lbs... so I protect Tsuki-sama!
And that is my explanation of us!!!

Sister-Kanna_MOONFairy, Sumika, Lonely_Child, Kitty_Uzumaki, 25Sakura, Eno_Hatake, Lady_InuSakura_Of_The_West, Kurochibi
My Adorable Little Sister-Aiko_Misuzu
Brother-Kazu_Chan, Alphonse_Heidrich, Yulin_San, Angel_Yuta_N_Suya, Randy_Orton_Lover15

[ LINK ]Come visit, and give me a hug!!!
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We haven't gotten any messages, Ryo's gf is cheating on him apperently, and in all honesty, there is no reason for us to be on here.
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