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birthdayJan 01
last loginJul 18, 2018 12:54:37
date registeredMay 21, 2018 01:06:04
about Ahri

Hetalia Mochi - Sechelles

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    hello guys! if you guys havent read my little URL my name is Angel and i decided to come back because my little but cant stay away from this site. I took a long break and i just wanted to try to return back.
    I know i read the "terms" that i have been banned and if i make any more accusing on any members i get banned again~ Being the adult here i wont do that. Overthinking and let it get to my head. Just really looking forward to talk to people. <3
    Im sorry if i ever wronged anyone ...let forget the past and move on forward! I have no hate towards anyone at all. :D
    I have the most amazing hubby ever we do everything together :'33, he my best friend and soul mate. I showed him this pink site and all the messages i kept on here with screen shots all he did was laugh and told me im such a weeb when i was "younger" LOLOL.

    Latest Journal Entry
    ME E T L U F F Y

    He my adorable sidekick that is currently 4 months old and is a healthy puppy,he an awesome dog and also my best friend. Even though he can be a little of a troublemaker when your not looking. ((:

    He a spoil butt, as yall can tell he has his own king bed, and his kongdom of toys that he loves to play. We just bought him another cage so when he behaves bad he goes in there which he hates but he knows and he learning. BIG THANKS TO @ALICE for giving me some helpful advice on training a puppy cause he learning! :D

    We take him on our jogging and running and our adventurious ride to the river! he absolutely love it. :D He has another vet appointment soon for his booster shots ROUND TWO OF THE SHOTS LOL

    I hope you guys enjoy my puppy day care of a journal. (:
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