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After knowing each other for years, Mirri and I figured that it was finally time to truly tie the knot. We first only knew each other as friends. However, when she emerged from that Rift on Dominaria, she realized she was 300 years in the future, in my time.

Having her show up here... it was difficult for her to adjust at first. Unbeknownst to me, she marked me, in the same manner, she did a man she felt love for in the past, but the feeling was never reciprocated. Gerrard Capashen... She truly loved him, dearly, nearly sacrificing her life to keep him safe. In fact... she was supposed to die; the only reason why she is even alive now is because of the surprising rift. That was how we met, and everything went on from there.

It took time, but the emotions within her built up to a point that she had to confess, and I reciprocated without question. She is strong, fearless, loyal, and doesn't care if I'm not as strong as her. I'm eternally thankful to have someone like her at my side, and I will do everything in my power that she never feels alone ever again.
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