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basic information
birthdayApr 30
last loginJun 13, 2019 12:58:50
date registeredMay 08, 2017 17:02:10
about Ravyn_Moonshadow

Real me:
Name: Shane Roseheart
Aliases: Zero and Chaos
Age: 26
relationship status: ......
emotional status: doesn't matter...
hobbies: gaming, listening to music, watching youtube
fave games: skyrim, black ops 1 2 and 3, gta san andreas, minecraft
fave musicians/bands: elena siegman, avenged sevenfold, apocalyptica, metallica, trivium, disturbed, three days grace and a few others
fave genre of music: metal
fave songs: hail to the king (avenged sevenfold), shepherd of fire (a7x), this means war (a7x), down with the sickness (disturbed), shattering the skies above (trivium), love me like you do (ellie goulding), a thousand years (christina perri)
species: hybrid (mostly vampire and angel blood though)
clan/pack: The Dead Ones (Hybrid) Soulwalkers (Vampire)
jutsu specialty: Midnight Style, Dragon Style, Heaven Style, Hell Style and Chaos Style

Online me:
Name: Ravyn Moonshadow
Age:26 (human years) 479 (hybrid years)
Race/Species: Hybrid (zombie blood has become more prominent alongside demon and wolf)
Clan/Pack: Soulwalkers
Role: Leader
Homeland: Spiritmind Mountain, Elsweyr, Tamriel
Relationship status: ......
Powers: shape shift, telekinesis, teleportation, devil trigger, crossed soul fusion, SoulBreaker, elemental control (fire and darkness), possession, instant creation and a few others
Close friends: Doom_slayer, Celevanna, Silver and a few others
Weapons of choice: Tyrant (Daedric bow), Zephyr (Daedric Greatsword)
Current location: Fortune City 2.0
Groups/Organisations: C.U.R.E. (Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality) and The Damned (a special group of survivors who have the ability to "Turn" and "Revert")

personal quote: "I can be your best friend or a nightmare from which you cannot awake"
Personal quote #2: "I have decided to not give in to my inner demons and prevail as a Champion and King to my kind"
Personal quote #3: "I am not a pure vampire or any species but I have decided to take the form of a human, fox or dragon"

married to
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Featured media
One of my personal favorite songs by Within Temptation. I love this band.
Latest Journal Entry
*the young man wakes up in the middle of the night to an outbreak in his hometown of Winter River and has flashbacks to the outbreak at Crimson City and remembers that he was bitten by a friend who got turned*
Here we go again....
(Voice on the loudspeaker in the Isolation Room that he was kept in): Good, you're awake. As you may have heard from outside there has been an outbreak. I'm surprised you haven't turned or treated your bite with Zombrex. It seems your body rejects the Zombrex doses our handlers have tried giving you.
Maybe because I have control over my infection.
(Voice): I'm Dr Adrian Phoenix. I have read your vitals. It seems that you have an interesting ability to become a zombie and turn back. Please demonstrate it for me.
*he turns into a zombie with his speech and other senses intact*
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