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Hello fellow tacticians or anyone who reads this. I'm Sassy McGee and this is my page. I'll just be around talking rather than marrying. So why did I make this account? Because I could. So have fun and stay fetch!

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Soundcloud: TheSassyTactician
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I was born to be weird!
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Hello again. Today I'll be rambling about Yugioh 5DS, an anime where people play card games on motorcycles and skateboards.

Disclaimer: This will contain spoilers for 5DS. Also, I will be talking about the episodes that were dubbed. I've never seen the episodes that were never dubbed (Eps 111-122, 130 and the rest of season 5). Maybe some day, I'll watch those episodes. With that out of the way, let's begin!

So Season 1... to me, it kinda starts slow but it's a good enough start to the series. I really like Yanagi. He's a perky old man who believes his cards have value. And the duels are alright. Again, a slow but fine start to 5Ds.

Season 2 (Earthbound Immortals) is where things start to get good. We're introduced to more characters (Crow, Carly, Kalin) and a interesting story. That and Akiza gets some character development. That's all I really have to say about this arc.

Season 3 (Road to Destiny) is my favorite arc in 5DS. Yes, I know, nothing really major happens here (Well up until the Crash Town arc) but I still really like it. It's just nice other characters lives other than Yusei, Jack and Crow. We get to see Akiza training to become a Turbo Duelist and we get to see the lives of Luna and Leo. We also get intro introduced to Sherry and Bruno. I really like Sherry. She wants to avenge her parents and she has a gorgeous French accent. I like the Crash Town arc. We get to see Kalin again, the duels are cool. Oh and finger guns are back! But for real, it's really nice to see Kalin again and he gets character development here. Overall, this is my favorite season of 5Ds. (Side Note: When I was watching the episode Mother Knows Best, for some reason it started with "The following is intended only for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised." And when I finished the episode and looked at the rating, it was TV-Y. My guess is that, okay the episode is about a guy whose mom wants him to be a clockmaker or something like that. My guess is Hulu probably thought they were saying cock even though it's clock. I truly don't know why the "Viewer discretion is advised" thing appeared before the episode started tho.)

Season 4 (Word Racing Grand Prix) and the rest of the series I like. I like the duels and the villains are interesting. Although where the dub ends, it doesn't feel like an ending. It feels like there's more to come but those episodes never came. But I still think it's a good ending even if it feels unfinished.

Now random things... whenever Yusei is like "Okay, all it takes is this card. I just need to trust my deck!" I was like "Heart of the cards!" Or whenever any other character is like "But how?! How did you manage to draw that card!" Again, I was like "Heart of the cards baby!" The Three Emperors of Illiaster kinda remind me of Organization 13 from Kingdom Hearts. They both wear cloaks and sit in really tall thrones. And Lester kind of reminds me of Demyx, as both don't really take their job seriously. My favorite episode of 5DS is The Reunion Duel. It's cool to see a friend of Yusei return and it's cool to see a 2 person duel. Also, Carly gets to be with Jack for a bit and it's just adorable. My favorite duel is Yusei's second duel with Akiza in season 2. Yusei tries to convince Akiza that she can make a difference but she doesn't believe that. She eventually realizes that when her father steps in. I really like this duel just for Akiza's development alone.

Now the characters I really like. I'll go from my fav character to least fav. Akiza, because she's cool, nice and has a great character arc. She starts out mean but Yusei shows her that there is good in her and she can change the world for the better. Yusei because he's cool, rad and always looks out for his friends. Carly because she's adorable. Crow because he cares for the kids and he's cool. Luna and Leo because Luna is the wise one while Leo is the mischievous one. But Leo also wants to protect his sister and they have a great character dynamic. Lazar because, he might seem arrogant but when he's in danger he's like "How am I going to get out of this mess?!" And I've already talked about Sherry and Yanagi. Overall, I really like the characters. They're interesting, quirky and enjoyable.

Final thoughts? I still prefer Duel Monsters but 5Ds is pretty good. It might start off slow but it gets good later on. Well, that's all I have to say about 5DS. The next Yugioh series I'm thinking about watching is GX. Until next time, so long and goodnight. Stay fetch!

Abridged Jack's voice: CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!
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