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Blush! | She/They | Minor so no thots | Lesbian

Hello~! I'm Blush, and I singlehandedly destroyed cringe culture with my bare hands! I've actually had my account for quite some time, and only now have I decided to actually use it LOL. I'm only here to have a reason to marry my CCs and to have a fun time! Just as a heads up, I'm autistic (to be specific, I've got Asperger's Syndrome), so if I misunderstand something rather easy for anybody else to understand or if I unintentionally hurt you or somebody else's feelings, I hope that clears things up! My Discord if you ever wanna chat: Lullaby Island #0522
This post was made by the "I Will Smooch Jimmy T. Even if I Die Trying" gang
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Everybody gangsta until Blush starts going ham about Jimmy T..
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Okay, to detach from the stupid "Wario and his Friends go out to Lunch at Five Guys" meme, I'd like to formally thank you all (okay, to be fair, it was only five people) so much for being so supportive of my headcanons. After all the blunder I've received due to them from people saying they're "sensitive subjects" and the like, seeing people be so nice about them is a massive breath of fresh air. And so, in my spare time today, I drew some things based off of my headcanons. As per last time, please don't berate me for my headcanons, because, well, they're headcanons! They're aren't supposed to be canon.

You're probably wondering, "Who's this guy?" For those of you who've played Warioware Touched, Jimmy's younger brother and sister, James and Jamie respectively are introduced. I don't know what made me headcanon James as autistic, but I figured "eh, why the hell not?". It's ironic I imagine him to be sensitive to sound when A.), I'm not even sensitive to sound, and B.) he goes to Club Sugar, a place that seems rather loud.

Okay, I'll admit. Aside from the man, the myth, the legend Jimmy T. being one of my favorite Warioware characters, the Crygors definitely come up as second, Penny especially. I kinda figure she has a thing for oral stimming, especially singing, humming, and chewing necklaces.

And to add a cherry on top, here's another one of Penny, but hand-flapping. I'm probably one of the few autistic people I know that doesn't hand flap, to be honest. But hey. I guess Penny would...? I dunno.

There's more doodles, but those are the ones I'm most proud of. And hey! Maybe I'll muster up the courage to post more of these more often. That's about all for now.
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