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basic information
birthdayAug 08
last loginSep 01, 2018 17:54:51
date registeredJun 24, 2018 19:43:30
about Yan_the_Man
Name(True): Ăšlfur (Wolf) Lokison

Name(Nickname): Yandaddy

Age: Unknown

Race: Hamrammr/Vaulfur

Personality: Mayadere, in love with the taste of human flesh. Enjoys torture and knife play. Acts sweet and protective over children until they come of age, then either turns them to his side, or eats them.

Sexuality: Unknown, possible pansexual.

Gender: Male

Additional notes: Alcohol is his weakness, though it is fairly difficult to get him drunk. Has an apprentice known as Cos that may or may not be his weakness as well.
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I had appendicitis. That was fun. My stomach is still killing me, and I got out of the hospital on my birthday,but it happened. So yeah. Fun times.
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