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Walkthrough (from
krissy on Mar 28, 2006 11:06:38

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After the intro movie, there will be a short battle between Paine and Rikku against Yuna and two of her cronies. This should be an easy battle early on. Get used to the ATB system and the changes made. Defeat the two cronies and Yuna to advance. The scene will change and you'll be in control of Rikku as you chase after Yuna. You'll have to meet up against a few more goons that should be easy to take down. There's also a Moogle to the left of this area that can heal your HP if it's needed. Once you've been in two or three battles, two men named Ormi and Logos will corner you, and a battle will ensue. Just keep attacking and you should win without any problems. After this, Yuna (the real one) will show up, while the Yuna you've been chasing all this time will transform to Leblanc. Another battle will ensue here. You'll need to follow the instructions and change Yuna into a different class to win. It might be a good idea to change Rikku into a Warrior class to make this battle go faster. Defeat Leblanc and her henchmen and you'll finish the first mission!
Mount Gagazet

After your first mission you'll be back on your airship, the Celsius. Take this time to get familiar with your surroundings.

Make sure you visit the Engine Room to pick up some goodies from the treasure chests inside. After you've made your rounds, go to the Cabin and talk to Barkeep. Choose the option to take a rest. Once you have taken a rest, the airship will be alerted to a situation going on at Mount Gagazet. Head to the Bridge to find out what's going on. This will begin Mission 2, and hopefully you've remembered to stock up on items before leaving!

Once you have reached your destination, follow the trail given to you and go down the stairs. You'll see a blue switch on the wall, turn it on and you'll descend. Make your way down the cliff by jumping off, and remember to grab the treasure chest on the far right of the screen. This is where you'll also start climbing up. Once you have finished your climb, you'll meet up with the Leblanc Syndicate again. Time for another fight!

Boss: Leblanc Syndicate

Leblanc (HP/MP - 120:320)
Ormi (HP:MP - 130:10)
Logos (HP:MP - 100:25)
This is an easy battle for you. Just like the first encounter with these guys, switch any of your characters to Songstress and cast Darkness Dance on them. This will make them miss all of their physical attacks due to the Darkness disability. Keep attacking with your two other characters (it's also a good idea to use Power Break once in a while if the trio keeps doing damage to you) and you should win without any effort.

Once you have finished this fight, you'll have to race the Leblanc Syndicate up to the top of the mountain in order to grab the sphere you're both looking for. Follow the Leblanc and her goons to get the general idea of where to go in the early part of this race. Grab the treasure chest early on and then turn back. Don't climb up the pillar here, rather jump onto the platform to get over to the next tower by pressing the Circle button. Head onto the entrance here. You'll have to fight Logos and his group. Defeat them and head into the tower.

Now go into the tower and activate both the switches inside. This will lower the platform for you to climb on, and you'll be able to continue your chase after Leblanc. You should be in the open area now after exiting the tower. Go around the tower and jump on top of the fallen pillar, then jump across to the other section. Ascend the tower and use the save point. You'll meet up with Leblanc again but luckily for her you won't have to do battle. Grab the treasure chest and head up for the sphere!

Boss: Boris (HP:MP - 480:0)

Like the Leblanc Syndicate, Songstress' Darkness Dance will come in handy here to reduce the overall damage you'll take from this boss. Assign one character to be the primary attacker (Paine), another for an attacker/healer (Rikku or Yuna) and the other as the Songstress support with Darkness Dance. Boris has two attacks that you can't stop with Darkness Dance. The first is a static web that casts Stop on your party, and the other is a physical attack where he swallows you. Just follow the strategy above to beat him with ease, you shouldn't be in too much trouble here.
Now that you have finished off the big bad spider-man, you can finally claim your prize. Congratulations, the Prologue is complete! Your prize for finishing the mission? The Black Mage Dressphere!

Chapter 1

Besaid Island - Hotspot!

You're in Yuna's hometown now, so it'd be a good idea to stop by and check up on your old friends. Head over to the second hut to your right to find Lulu. After a short conversation with her, she'll walk out of the hut. Follow her and start another conversation. After this, a cutscene will occur and she'll give you a sphere. Once this happens you'll be back in Besaid village. Go talk to Lulu one more time and choose the first option she gives you. She'll walk out again (she really gets around for a pregnant girl, doesn't she?), so talk to her once more. Your mission will start. Find Wakka!

Wakka is hiding in a secret cave that can be found in the area before the beach area in Besaid. However, you'll need to enter four digits in order to open the door. From we gather, the numbers change every game, so we'll just give you the locations. You can tell where each number is by a shining light emanating from its location. Why these numbers are glowing, we don't know, but at least they're easy to spot!

The first number can be found where Lulu first gave you that sphere. Press X near the monument and you'll get the number. Head towards the beach. Right after the area with the monument, your next number can be found on your right as soon as you enter the area. Climb the rubble with the Circle button and get the number. The third number is a little trickier to find. When you initially enter the beach area, start walking to your left. You'll see a kid near the wall. You can jump up here with the Circle button. Make your way to the structure behind them, the third number is there. The final number can be found near the house on the beach. Like the third number, you'll have to climb up onto the ledge here to grab it. Once you have done that, go back to the door and enter in the four numbers in order of their appearance.

Once you head inside, you'll find Wakka. After a brief conversation you'll go spelunking for spheres. Luckily this dungeon is very easy. Once you hit the fork in the road, head north to claim your booty, but not without a fight!

Boss: Flame Dragon (HP:MP - 980:84)

If you've been powering up your Black Mage Dressphere that you received earlier on, this enemy shouldn't be a problem. He's immune to fire but weak against ice, so have one character transform into a Black Mage to start casting that, have another turn into a Songstress to cast Darkness Dance so that all of his physical attacks miss you, and then your final character can be your power hitter, being either a Gunner or a Warrior. Keep at it and heal with necessary, and this fight shouldn't be hard at all.
After you get the sphere, you can go back to Wakka. This will complete the mission, and you'll get the White Mage Dressphere, Besaid Sphere and a Garment Grid for your efforts.

Zanarkand Ruins - Hotspot!

Sadly, the once mysterious Zanarkand Ruins have been turned into a little theme park by a couple of individuals that you'll meet soon enough. You can't go into the ruins just yet, so make your way up the hill to your left. Here you'll meet Isaaru from FFX. When he asks if you remember him, choose the second option. Once you have finished chatting, head into the ruins. Before you enter the ruins, there will be a couple of merchants selling their goods. If you haven't stocked when you were on the Celsius, this is a good time to do it. Just before you enter the ruins, you'll run into a group called the Kinderguardians, led by Paace, whom you may remember as one of Isaaru's bodyguards in FFX. Follow the kids into the ruins, and you'll eventually meet up with a couple of Leblanc's flunkies. Fight them off and continue deeper into the ruins.

Once you have reached the lift at the end of the ruins, head down and you'll find Rikku's daddy, Cid. Talk to him and then to his buddy, and then continue on your way. Does this place seem familiar to you? A cutscene will occur here, and a voice will demand a keyword. Since you already know the keyword, there's no need to say what it is, right? Go ahead and say it. YRP smells something fishy here, and suspects it might be someone they know. Choose the second option to bring out Isaaru. After he comes out of hiding, he'll give you a Garment Grid. Once you have parted ways, head towards the stairs and go down. Go straight and you'll eventually meet up with the boss.

Boss: Guardian Beast (HP:MP - 2886:1000)

Like earlier bosses, switch someone to Songstress to use Darkness Dance. Don't bother with using a Black Mage here since magic does minimal damage. It's recommended that you use Yuna and Paine as your attackers while Rikku backs them up with Songstress since they do better damage with their default costumes. It'd also be a good idea to use Paine's Break abilities as a Warrior to lower this boss' offense and defense stats.
Kilika Island - Hotspot!

This is a pretty straightforward mission to get through, and it's fairly short too. However, you'll have to finish the first two Hotspots on your map before this pops up. Head towards the gate that leads to Kilika Temple. You'll find that the Youth League and New Yevon are at each other throats (don't worry, this happens often), but you need to find a way to get in there in order to grab that precious sphere. From the save point in the forest, head left and then take the small northern route. You'll be able to avoid all of the New Yevon guards this way. Continue to head north and you'll eventually run to a dead end, but you'll see some New Yevon groupies on the other side. Choose the option to listen in on their conversation and listen carefully to the explanation on how their passwords work. Basically you give them one password if there is an even number of guards, and another password if there is an odd number of guards.
If you happen to get the answer wrong when you're confronted, you'll have to fight them, so it's no big deal, but you get items for every successful answer. You'll have to go through this five times, with each question getting progressively harder. The first two are easy, as it's even, then odd. The next three will be tougher, as guards will show up a few seconds later after you're able to select your answer. The best thing to do here is to wait a good 5 seconds before giving your answer. The correct sequence after the first two groups of guards is even, odd, even, odd, odd. If you answer all of the questions correctly, you'll get another Garment Grid. Head to towards Kilika Temple, and you'll have to fight yet another boss.

Boss: YSLS Zero (HP:MP - 1935:0)

Another easy battle, if you use the same tactics in previous boss fights. Get your weakest attacker to change into Songstress and cast Darkness Dance every time. Since this boss has no magical powers, most of its attacks will miss when it's blind. You do need to watch out for its abilities though, specifically Blast Punch, as it can do serious damage to one character. Use your two other characters as Gunners or Warriors for physical attacks, and you should beat this machine in no time.
After an extremely funny cutscene, you'll eventually grab your prize, another sphere! The Celsius will then fly off, and Chapter 1 is complete!

Chapter 1 Sidequests

Like we said at the beginning of the walkthrough, it's probably a good idea to go through these sidequests before hitting the first Hotspots. Note that Kilika Island doesn't become a Hotspot until you finish the first two Hotspot locations, so what you'll want to do is visit Kilika Island first, so that you don't lose the opportunity to gain whatever you need to at that location. By going through all the sidequests you'll not only gain valuable accessories and story completion points, but you'll be able to level up as well.


When you enter Luca, you'll immediately enter into a cutscene detailing what exactly happened during that lovely concert that Leblanc put on while she was masquerading as Yuna. When the mission starts, you'll only have Yuna… in a Moogle suit. We can't make these kinds of things up, folks. Luckily this mission is extremely easy. You won't fight any monsters here, so don't worry about that. The only objective in this mission is to hand out balloons to 10 people in the square. All of your targets can be found within the area you start. Most of them are in plain view, but there are also two of them in a little control room below the big screen. Press X to open up the window to the control room and then give them their balloons. Once you have finished this mission, you'll get a Garment Grid.

You can also find out about FFX-2's minigame here. Go to the stadium and then to the lower basement on the right side to find Rin. He'll take you through a short tutorial of how Sphere Break works. He'll then give you a couple of coins to start off with so you can practice. You can find people to play by going to the lower basement on the left side. Mi'hen Highroad

Nothing much to do here. Use this as a training ground if you need to level up, since the monsters here are fairly strong.
Mushroom Rock Road

Head onto the Mushroom Road and you'll eventually encounter some members of the Youth League.

Apparently they've let Ormi and Logos by, so naturally you'll be following them. A mission will start here, with your objective being to follow Leblanc's goofs. This should be extremely easy, even though you do have to fight some monsters along the way. Once you have cornered them, you'll receive a Crimson Sphere. Getting all of the Crimson spheres is necessary to opening that cave wall you see in front of you. Once you have gotten that sphere, head back from where you came from, and then head towards the lift. You'll go up and meet some more Youth League members. Mission complete!


Alright, this is one of those special locations where you can't possibly do everything at once, so either way you'll have to come back to this place during your New Game+ run to complete the other objective. In this chapter head to Moonflow and then head right of where you land. You'll see a squat little man named Tolbi near the corner. Talk to him and he'll ask for your help to escort one of his men back to the Moonflow with some very valuable luggage. After accepting the mission, head south towards the crossroads between Moonflow, Mushroom Road Rock and Djose Temple. Eventually you'll meet up with Tolbi's carrier. The mission will start right now. Basically what you need to do is protect the cargo from incoming bandits. These guys are pretty easy to catch, but you need to make sure you take down all of them if you want the best result. Each bandit will fight you as soon as you make contact, but they're all very easy to take on. Once the cargo has reached Tolbi, he'll give you his thanks and give you the Gun Mage Dressphere. Mission complete!
Djose Temple

When you enter this location, you'll notice a long lineup going into a tent. You'll find out that this lineup is for volunteers to help excavate Bikanel Desert. You'll have to wait in line here, so talk to people while the lineup shortens. Once it's your turn, enter the tent and then talk to the man at the front and volunteer your services. He'll allow you to enter the temple, and there you'll meet Gippal. Talk to him and then he'll leave the temple and head down to the crossroads. Talk to him again and then choose the first option. He'll give you a letter of introduction that you can use at Bikanel Desert.


Not much to do here. You can't enter the mansion that once belonged to Seymour Guado because the Leblanc Syndicate have taken it over. Try approaching the Farplane and you'll also be denied access.
Thunder Plains

This is another location where you don't have to do much (although it'll become an important place later on in the game). Simply walk in, get the cutscene to add to your story completion rating, and walk out.
Macalania Forest

Here you can acquire the first Special Dressphere in the game, Paine's Full Throttle. To find out how to use it, check the Dressphere/Garment Grid list found in this guide. To get it, visit Tromell Guado, who can be found somewhere in the forest. He should be easy to find though. His hiding spot is just before Macalania Lake, where you would've found the first Jecht Sphere in Final Fantasy X. If you haven't played that game, simply follow the crystal road from where you start. Once you get off that road, head north and it'll be the first right turn you see, just before the Travel Agency.
Speaking of the Travel Agency, head over there once you have received the Full Throttle Dressphere. You'll find a bunch of Al Bhed goons starting trouble for O'aka, whom you may remember from FFX. O'aka will run back into Macalania Forest, and you'll have to try and catch him.

Once you return to the forest, go back to where you were originally dropped off by taking the crystal path back to the beginning of the forest. You'll find O'aka, but he'll just run away again. Follow him and then take the northern path. O'aka will be hiding on top of a tree, so move Yuna towards him and you'll be able to spot him and finally catch up. He'll ask for your help to clear his debt, so allow him to come back with you onto your airship. You'll have to help him clear his debt of 100,000 gil by purchasing items from him. Once you have done this, the mission will be complete.

Bikanel Desert

Before you go here, you'll have to make sure that you visit Djose Temple first to get a letter of introduction from Gippal. Once you have done that, head over to the desert and you'll see someone talking to Rikku and Paine, then talk to the man in front of the hovercraft, and then to the two men behind him. Once you have done that, Nhadala will return from her trip. You can then talk to her and give her the letter of introduction from Gippal. She'll set you up to do some excavating for her. Talk to the man in front of the hover vehicle again and your mission will start. The objective here is to find the treasure on the map. You're looking for a yellow icon on the map, so ignore all of the other treasures and head for that one. After you have gotten it, return to the hovercraft and get back to base. Head over to Nhadala and you'll be given another Garment Grid.

The only thing to do here is to head towards the headquarters of New Yevon and meet Baralai, the new leader.
Calm Lands

These two missions take a long time to complete. In fact, it'll probably take you the entire game! Don't be intimidated, just know that it will take you quite a while to beat them, and even if you do complete them, there's not a lot of reward in doing so. Head to the Calm Lands and visit any of the mini-game stations, and choose Publicity. There are two companies in the Calm Lands, Argent and Open Air, and both need your assistance in getting more fans in the stands. Your mission here is to travel around Spira to tell people about one of the companies, whoever you choose to talk to. By pressing the Square button instead of the X button to talk to a person, it will open up another menu. Choose an answer out of the five given to you and the person you will be talking to will react accordingly. Depending on your answer, you will get a different amount of PR points. Collect 400 PR points and the mission will be complete.
The other mission to undertake is that in the Travel Agency in the Calm Lands. It seems that his son is a bit of a homebody (re: loser), so you'll have to help him find a bride. Yup, Yuna is going to play Cupid between this guy and an unlucky wife. It's the exact same as the PR mission. Press the Square button to talk to a prospective wife (or husband… yes, you can do that!) and choose one of the lines to give your victim. In this mission you'll have to gain over 80 points to finish the mission.

Here are the total number of people you'll find in each location for both missions.

Besaid Island
PR Campaign: 6
Marriage Campaign: 2

Kilika Island
PR Campaign: 6
Marriage Campaign: 1

PR Campaign: 8
Marriage Campaign: 5

Mi'hen Highroad
PR Campaign: 13
Marriage Campaign: 5

Djose Temple
PR Campaign: 8
Marriage Campaign: 4

PR Campaign: 5
Marriage Campaign: 3

PR Campaign: 5
Marriage Campaign: 0

Mount Gagazet

All you need to do here is talk to Kimahri. He'll tell you of some Ronso youths that have run away from the mountain. A mission will start, so you'll have to go and find them. You can find them at the Travel Agency in the Calm Lands. A cutscene will occur when you meet them, and then they'll run away again. You'll be able to catch up with them again at the Thunder Plains.

Chapter 2 starts off with a cute little scene with Yuna dancing for the rest of the Gullwings. In order to pull off your performance, you'll have to get some musicians first. Luckily, Brother picked a couple of them up, they can be found in the Cabin. Talk to the large fellow with the drums, which will start a small game where you'll have to push all three musicians to the elevator. If you didn't go to Moonflow during Chapter 1, Tolbi will also be present. You'll have to push him onto the elevator if he's there, but if you do you get the Cat Nip accessory, one of the most useful items in the game (if you know how to handle it). After you have gone through this, talk to Shinra and you'll be able to watch the sphere that you just took from New Yevon/Youth League at Kilika Island. After you watch it, you'll have the choice of choosing between giving the sphere back to New Yevon, or giving it back to the Youth League. Deciding either side doesn't make that much of a different, but it contributes to your completion rating for the story. If you chose New Yevon, you'll have an active link in Bevelle for Chapter 3, while choosing the Youth League will have an active link in Mushroom Road Rock instead.
Once you have chosen which side to give the sphere back to, the scene will change from the Celsius to whatever side you chose. When you get back to your airship, you'll discover that Leblanc and her goons have snuck on board and have stolen the sphere that you found! It's time for some payback, and so your main mission for the chapter starts! Head to Guadosalam, the headquarters of the Leblanc Syndicate, and you'll find out that you can't enter unless you have a couple of uniforms to disguise yourselves with. Back on the Celsius, you'll have to visit various locations in the hopes of finding the uniforms you need.
Mount Gagazet - Uniform #1
Once you arrive at the mountain, talk to Kimahri and choose the first option, then talk to him again and choose the first option again. Head to the transporter behind him and you'll find yourself near the summit of the mountain. If you want, you can also climb the mountain without using the transporter in order to level up.

In any event, head up from your location in the cave and you'll eventually exit it and find two of Leblanc's soldiers wandering about before they spot you and run away. Start chasing them and you'll eventually find a save point. Save here and continue the chase. There are actually two paths you can choose from here. The first would be to follow the soldier after the save point. If you do this, a scene with the two soldiers will occur, and then you'll have to fight them and Ormi.

The other path you can choose is to continue climbing up the mountain by not taking the path that the female soldier took, and instead going where she first came from. Eventually you'll reach a point where you can see the hot springs from a distance. A much better cutscene will happen here, and you'll get the uniform you were looking for. However, on the way down the mountain you'll have to fight Ormi and the two soldiers anyways, so choose the second option for a cheap thrill.

Boss: Ormi (HP:MP - 1350:22)
This is another easy boss battle, and much like your other run-ins with the Leblanc Syndicate, you can choose the Songstress job and use Darkness Dance to greatly decrease the amount of damage dealt here. Beat Ormi and you get your uniform and another Garment Grid.

Djose Temple - Uniform #2
Head over to Djose Temple and then towards the crossroads that allow you to access the temple, Moonflow and Mushroom Road Rock. Talk to the hover operator and he'll tell you that the Leblanc Syndicate have taken over all of his rentals, so you'll have to walk by foot to Mushroom Road Rock. Walk in that direction and you'll eventually encounter two female Leblanc Syndicate soldiers. Follow them and eventually you'll find a sphere lying on the ground to acquire Yuna's Special Dressphere, Flora Follal . Pick that up and Ormi and Logos will show up to give you a fight.

Boss: Leblanc Syndicate
Ormi (HP:MP - 1150:22)
Logos (HP:MP - 1030:48)
This fight is a tad tougher than the fight to get the first uniform, only because both Ormi and Logos have special physical abilities that cannot be countered with Songstress' Darkness Dance ability. In any event, you shouldn't have any trouble here. Have one character switch to Songstress and use Darkness Dance to cancel out their normal physical attacks, and allow your two remaining characters to gang up on either one of your opponents to bring them down. It's probably best to take out Logos first here because he gains the Roulette ability, which can kill one of your characters in one shot. He also has this ability in subsequent battles.

Bikanel Desert - Uniform #3
Note: If you didn't visit Djose Temple or Bikanel Desert during Chapter 1, please reference the Djose Temple, Chapter 1 section of this guide to initiate this final quest.

After you have gotten your second uniform, head to Bikanel Desert. Talk to Nhadala. She'll ask you to investigate a situation at an oasis in the desert. Then talk to the operator of the hover to get to the oasis itself. Once you have gotten to the oasis, you'll find a sphere in clear sight. Pick it up to receive Rikku's Special Dressphere, Machine Maw. After you have done this, Logos and two henchwomen will appear. Time to get your third uniform!

Boss: Logos (HP:MP - 1220:46)
These goons don't learn, do they? Again, change one character into Songstress and use Darkness Dance. Have your two other characters take out the 2 female soldiers since they're unaffected by darkness. Then finish off Logos for your third uniform.

Guadosalam - Hotspot!
Now that you got uniforms for all of your characters, head back to Guadosalam. Approach the Leblanc Syndicate mansion and then change into your uniform. The mission starts now, you have to look for the sphere that Leblanc took from you, but where is it?

Walk into the mansion and you'll find Leblanc and Nooj talking. Nooj you say? Yup, the leader of the Youth League. After their scene together, Leblanc will head upstairs. Head into the room on the main floor (you'll remember this as the place that Seymour asked Yuna to marry him in FFX). You'll find Ormi and Logos talking amongst themselves, and then you'll be ordered to go upstairs. Head upstairs to Leblanc's bedroom and she'll ask for a massage from you. Yeah, I know what you're thinking.

The 'Lesbian Massage Mini-game' is fairly easy to beat. Basically you're looking for the 'hotspot' on Leblanc's body that will give you the most amount of points so that you can continue on your mission. You'll have to navigate through a 3 x 3 grid to find it, and the locations of the spots are random. If you hit a spot and you get a blue icon, that means you're cold. Get a yellow icon and you're getting warmer. Hit the red one and you've struck gold! After the mini-game, Leblanc will be satisfied with your attempts to soothe her, so head back down to the main floor room. Find the switch in the room, it's near the left-hand door. This will open up a secret passage. As soon as you enter this secret area, you'll have to do battle with Ormi and two goons.

Boss: Ormi (HP:MP - 1640:40)
Use the same strategy that you've executed in earlier fights. You shouldn't have any trouble here.After the fight, continue on into this secret area. Near the save point there's a room with an accessory, so grab that before moving on. Once you have done that, hang a right and then straight into the room ahead of you. Grab the sphere in this room to get a Crimson Sphere, and be prepared to fight once more.

Boss: Leblanc SyndicateOrmi (HP:MP - 1344:45)
Logos (HP:MP - 989:70)
Use the same tactics that you did when you first encountered these guys on the crossroads. Songstress with Darkness Dance is still your friend.Once this fight is over, walk out of the room and go to your right. You'll see a ledge that you can jump onto. Climb it with the Circle button and then drop down. You'll see a switch on the wall. Activate it and then climb up the next ledge. Drop down and activate that switch. Climb up the last ledge and you'll see the last switch on the wall… only it's not a switch. Damn booby traps! Start jumping over the previous ledges and then wait for the wall of spikes to comes towards you. Don't worry about avoiding it, just let it come into contact with you. Once it has, you'll end up in a room that has the final switch. How this works I have no clue, but it does. Activate the final switch, drop down and then cross the other ledges and then unlock the secret door. Follow the path and enter the first room that you see. You'll enter the Leblanc meeting room, where you'll have yet another run-in with the Leblanc Syndicate.

Boss: Leblanc Syndicate
Ormi (HP:MP - 1344:45)Logos (HP:MP - 989:70)
Leblanc (HP:MP - 1380:70)
This fight will be the toughest one you'll have to go through with these clowns, but you can run into some trouble here if you're not careful. Take out Logos first because he has the lowest HP and an instant kill ability with Roulette. By taking him out, you also negate Leblanc Syndicate's ability to use their delta attack. Once you have taken out Logos, take out Leblanc herself and then Ormi, since his attacks are the weakest out of the three.

Bevelle - Hotspot!
After the scene with the Leblanc Syndicate, you'll have to make your way to Bevelle. If you haven't done any of the sidequests before Guadosalam, you're out of luck, as your trip to Bevelle will occur automatically after facing off with Leblanc. Once you enter Bevelle, go to the New Yevon headquarters and then to the room on your right. Activate the switch here by climbing onto it. Now go to the room to your left and activate the hologram on the ground. Go back to the main hall and enter the lift. Instead of going up, it will not go down. To get to the next area, go down the path on your left side, but first go to the right and get the treasure chests laying there. Head down the path on the left and get the treasure chest, then follow the red icon to the exit. Take the lift down to the second level and go right.

Go to the corridor and a cutscene will occur with the Leblanc Syndicate. After that, head up to the upper section of the screen and Yuna will slide down the chain to the main area. There are a bunch of security towers in this area, and you'll need to activate them in a certain order to get to the next area. You need to activate every other tower in order to proceed, so go to the first tower that you see, then skip the next one and activate the one after that. Do the same for the next tower and you'll have accessed the next area. But first, it's time to fight a boss!

Boss: Precepts Guard (HP:MP - 3680:9999)
For the first time in the game, Songstress is generally useless in this fight. This boss mainly deals with spells with the occasional attack, so what you'll want to do is take his magic power down with the Warrior's Mental Break, which lowers magic power. Warriors are also effective here since they have the highest attack power of any class you'll have at the moment, unless you have the Gun Mage. This boss is immune to a lot of status changes, so don't bother with any attacks like that. Instead, time your attacks between all three of your characters so that you get chain combos to maximize your damage.

There's another boss that you can fight here in order to gain the Ribbon accessory, which protects the user from all status ailments. In order to get to this accessory, you'll have to activate the towers that you didn't use. Once you have done this, you'll be able to see a small treasure chest just below the room you'll have to enter to progress. But of course, there's that small matter of the other boss.

Boss: Georapella (HP:MP - 4420:9999)
This boss is a different version of Precepts Guard, so use the same tactics that you did on him with this guy. Use Mental and Power Break a lot, since they do a good job of keeping the damage he deals to a minimum.

Jump down the platforms and enter the room here. Proceed until you get to a fork in the road and then head right to get a Garment Grid. Go back and then take the left turn instead. You'll come to an area with a ledge and two towers. Jump on one tower to activate it, and then from that tower jump over to the other tower to get to the next area. In this area you'll see a blockade in the middle of the screen. You can control it by using the switch that's in the same area. Once you have lowered the blockade, head onto the next section. The next section is a little puzzle that involves three of the lifts you've seen before. It's also where you can get what's arguably the best Dressphere in the game.

The correct sequence is as follows. Take the left lift up to the next floor, then from that starting point head down and you'll drop down to the previous floor. Now take the middle lift up and you'll come to a place where you can activate a switch. Take the middle lift back down and then take the right lift up. From here, head left and you'll be able to take the left lift back down. Now take the middle lift back up again and you'll be in another area with another switch. Take the middle lift back down again and take the left lift up. Head up and activate the upper lift by climbing on top of the ledge. Now take that lift up and you'll be able to cross the platforms to get to the treasure chest containing the Dark Knight Dressphere!

Cross back and onto the main path. It's best to save before going any further, since the next two fights will be pretty vicious. Turn the corner and you'll run into Baralai, the leader of New Yevon. Time to get it on!

Boss: Baralai (HP:MP - 3380:540)
The leader of New Yevon is a fierce combatant, one that you really need to be careful around. He's extremely fast, and most of his attacks are physical, so Songstress and her Darkness Dance will be a help here to keep damage at a minimum. Use one of your characters in Warrior and use Power Break to bring down his damage as well. If you can, it's a good idea to use one character as a secondary attacker who can heal other party members when necessary. Baralai does have one attack that hits the entire party and can't be stopped, so watch out for it as it's not particularly flashy, but does a good deal of damage. He also has other attacks that are not stopped by Darkness Dance. One of which is an instant kill attack, while the other takes away all of your MP and casts Stop on you at the same time. React accordingly and you should be just fine.

After Baralai, Yuna and company will run into the last area of Chapter 2. And what better opponent to finish off the chapter than the master himself, Dark Bahamut?

Boss: Dark Bahamut (HP:MP - 8400:9999)
If you want the best results in this battle, make two of your party members Warrior and start whooping him with Power Breaks, Mental Breaks and Armor Breaks. By the time he tries his Megaflare Overdrive attack, his regular attacks should do almost nothing to you. The third member should turn into a Thief and start using all the Star and Lunar Curtains available, as they cast Protect and Shell on the entire party. Once you have used about 2 or 3 of each, Bahamut's attacks will do somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 - 20 HP each, while his Overdrive will do 60 HP at the most.

After a lengthy cutscene, chapter 2 will be complete! Now, onto the next chapter!

Chapter 2 Sidequests

Besaid Island
When you arrive on the island, the Besaid Aurochs will be practicing for the start of the Blitzball tournament with a member of the Youth League named Beclem. He's quite the arrogant guy, and after a few choice words with Yuna he challenges you to a little mini-game. If you accept, you have a couple of minutes to pass his high score, and if you happen to get over 1000 points, he'll give you an extra prize. The controls for the mini-game are laid out for you at the beginning, so let's get down on how to overcome this challenge, shall we? Basically what you want to do is rack up a lot of points by chaining kills together. The more kills you chain together, the more points you get. If you get hit, then your chain counter resets to zero, so do everything you can to maintain your chain. The smaller wolves take about 6 shots to kill, while the purple wolves take about 8. The flying enemies take 10 shots to kill, so use your Death shot on them. It's important to remember when to cycle through your shots. If you have a flying enemy and a wolf coming at you, kill off the flying one with a death shot, and then switch over to a single shot for the remaining enemy. You'll have to make it to the beach in order to succeed, but before you do, make sure you keep one Death shot handy for the last enemy before the beach, as he takes a lot of damage before he goes down. It's much easier to just use a Death shot and get it over with.

Go to the square and you'll spot Shelinda, whom you may remember from FFX. She's now a TV reporter, and wants to get a couple of words in with you. Answer the questions she asks you and at the end of the whole thing she'll give you a Garment Grid. Hooray for Shelinda!

Mi'hen High Road
Go to Rin's Travel Agency and you'll find yourself having to help a girl named Calli get a chocobo. Choose to start the mission, and you'll have to chase down a Chocobo. Rikku will be leading the chase, so follow her. When she stops and asks if you want to follow her advice, say no. This will occur a couple of times, so always say no. She really sucks at giving advice, after all. Eventually you'll corner the Chocobo, and you'll have to guess which direction it will run to by using the directional pad. Correctly guess it 3 times and you're on your way to the next section. Once again, follow Rikku. Eventually the Chocobo will escape your clutches, so go talk to the girl beside the machina, and ask for her help. After a little chase, you'll have to fight a boss!

Boss: Chocobo Eater (HP:MP - 2350:230)
Songstress' Darkness Dance doesn't work here, but Black Mage's Fire/Fira/Firaga is good, since he's weak against that element. If you have a Fire Gleam, equip that since it adds fire elemental to your physical attacks. You'll get a Garment Grid for your troubles here.

Head back to the Travel Agency and you should see Calli with a Chocobo as well as Clasko. Invite them onto the Celsius!

Mushroom Rock Road
Note: This scene only occurs if you choose to hand over the sphere from Chapter 1 to Bevelle instead of the Youth League.

Go to Mushroom Rock Road and talk to Clasko, who is standing beside some Youth League members. You'll be challenged by the Youth League, so you'll have to go through their ranks and beat some sense into them. At the end, you'll have to fight one of the Youth League elite warriors.

Boss: Elma (HP:MP - 1640:450)
Elma is a relatively easy boss to beat. Use a Remedy or the White Mage's Dispel if she casts Slow on you, and just pound her into the ground using the Gunner or Warrior class. She'll go down without much of a fight.

After the fight, proceed to the lift. You'll get a Garment Grid for winning. Also, make sure to go down to the secret dungeon where you first got a Crimson Sphere from Ormi and Logos. You'll find Nooj there, and he'll hand over a Crimson Sphere to Paine.

The mission here is to sell tickets for Tolbi's big show, so help him by talking to people in and around the Moonflow to see who wants to buy a ticket. The amount that each person will buy a ticket for varies depending on the person, and is anywhere from 1000 to 2000 gil. Obviously you want to sell your ten tickets to those who are willing to pay the maximum amount, so here's a list of those people who will buy your tickets for 2000 gil.


The man standing near the docks
Across the Moonflow, near Guadosalam:

A man at the Shoopuf station
Little girl at the Shoopuf station
Lady near the musicians
Man near the entrance of Guadosalam
Lady near the announcement board at Moonflow
Once you have sold your tickets to these guys, you can pretty much sell them to anyone else. Once you have done that, go back to Tolbi and your mission will be complete. You'll get the Gun Mage Dressphere if you haven't done the mission back in Chapter 1 for Moonflow, as well as a Garment Grid.

Thunder Plains
Head to Thunder Plains and look out for Cid. He will be standing near Rin's Travel Agency.

Macalania Woods
Talk to the Guado near the save point, and then go to the place where you met Tromell Guado. Talk to the new person standing there, and he'll ask for your help in finding his friends, the musicians. These guys are relatively easy to find, since Macalania Woods is fairly small. Once you have completed this mission, you'll gain Paine's Full Throttle Special Dressphere if you didn't get it from Tromell Guado back in Chapter 1.

Calm Lands
Real simple area here. First you'll probably want to go to the Item shop in the center of the Calm Lands to find Lian and Ayde. Then you can find them again on the Thunder Plains. Once you have done that, go to the Monster Arena from FFX, it'll be on the east side of the Calm Lands for those who haven't played the game. Talk to Clasko here and he'll give you a challenge. You'll have to find the five real monsters in the dungeon. The rest are fake monsters, and it's easy to tell which one is the real monster because the ones that are real are facing in the wrong direction compared to the fake one. After you have done this, defeat the monsters in the arena and Clasko will give you the Alchemist Dressphere.

Mount Gagazet
All you need to do here is talk to Kimahri. He'll tell you of some Ronso youths that have run away from the mountain. A mission will start, so you'll have to go and find them. You can find them at the Travel Agency in the Calm Lands. A cutscene will occur when you meet them, and then they'll run away again. You'll be able to catch up with them again at the Thunder Plains

Zanarkand Ruins
Head to Zanarkand Ruins. Go straight into the ruins until you see Isaaru, then talk to him to start a mini-game. The objective of this mini-game is to match up the monkeys with their partners. You've got to look for one creature with a love symbol and pair it up with its partner. Fortunately for you this isn't random like the 'find the numbers' mini-game in Besaid Island, Chapter 1. There are six sections where you can find the monkeys. We've numbered them by section, the first being where you just talked to Isaaru, and the sixth being where you talked to Isaaru in Chapter 1.

There are several ways to figure out which monkey goes with its partner. The most obvious is to look at their names. The monkeys that are in love share a similar name in context to their partner. For instance, Spring and Autumn are in love, as are Peke (Peak) and Valli (Valley). Of course, you can just use simple trial and error too. Either way, finish this mini-game to get an accessory called the Soul of Thamasa. Click on the links to see pictures of each Section.

Birch (Section 6) and Sequoia (Section 4)
Spring (Section 5) and Autumn (Section 2)
Dusky (Section 1) and Dawne (Section 6)
Rosemary (Section 5) and Thyme (Section 3)
Terran (Section 3) and Skye (Section 6)
Minni (Section 5) and Maxx (Section 3)
Summer (Section 4) and Winter (Section 1)
Peke (Section 3) and Valli (Section 4)
Canis (Section 5) and Felina (Section 1)
Arroh (Section 3) and Quivrr (Section 1)
Golde (Section 4) and Sylva (Section 1)
Luna (Section 1) and Sol (Section 5)

Well, fighting Dark Bahamut certainly screwed things up around Spira, didn't it? There will be three different Hotspots to travel to. Things have gone nuts, so it's time for the Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings to clean up the mess, since you started it and all. One thing you'll want to do here is to talk to Shinra every time you get into a new location. He installs what's called a Commsphere in every area of the game, and this is important for accessing all of the areas in Chapter 4.
Mushroom Rock Road/Bevelle - Hotspot!
Note:The location of this Hotspot depends on who you chose to give the Sphere from Chapter 1 to, New Yevon or the Youth League.

You'll find out that both Nooj and Baralai are missing in action, and both factions are going nuts over it. After this, head over to see Gippal at Djose Temple.

Besaid Island - Hotspot!
Uh oh, trouble in paradise! Seems that fiends are crawling out of Besaid Temple, so Yuna and company have no choice but to exterminate whatever's in the temple, unless you want Beclem to burn it down, of course. Get into the temple and start fighting your way through until you find Wakka. Talk to him and then take the lift down to the Chamber of the Fayth. Fortunately, before you fight this boss you'll have the time to equip yourself. Make sure you're fully healed and that you have the appropriate gear equipped. Time to fight another Aeon!

Boss: Dark Valefor (HP:MP - 8430:9999)
Valefor never was a master in magic, so don't worry about using Mental Break on him. Power Break works exceptionally well here since a lot of his attacks are physical based. Use one of your characters as a Warrior to use the Break abilities, while the others are using whatever class that can do the most damage. It's recommended that if you have the Dark Knight Dressphere from Chapter 2 that you use it here. The defensive and offensive rating of the Dark Knights are excellent, and will come in very handy here.

Kilika Island - Hotspot!
When you get to Kilika Island, head over to Summoner Dona's house. She'll tell you what's going on in the temple, and will help you out (wow, how come she couldn't have done this in FFX?). It's time for yet another mini-game! You'll have to sneak past the guards that are patrolling outside of Kilika Temple without getting caught. Use the R1 trigger to switch views, and the Circle button to sneak through the gate. This mini-game is quite easy, especially if you take the time to practice it before doing the real thing. Once you are past the gate, you'll have to find some way to get to Kilika Temple, but all of the paths are closed off. Make sure you try to go through all three routes.

The Gullwings will remember some words of advice from Dona, and you'll go through the treetops to the temple. Get to the temple and you'll discover that like Besaid Temple, Kilika is overrun with fiends. It's time for you to do some more extermination work! Make your way through the temple and you'll run into Barthello, Dona's former bodyguard. You'll have to fight some fiends here to save him, but they aren't very strong. You'll get the Samurai Dressphere for your trouble though. Once you have done this, you'll have to go through towards the Chamber of Fayth once again. Unfortunately, you won't be able to prepare for battle. Word of advice here: equip any and all accessories that give you NulFire or allow you to attack with Ice based elements. It's time for a fight with Dark Ifrit!

Boss: Dark Ifrit (HP:MP - 8820:9999)
Like Dark Valefor, a lot of Ifrit's attacks are physical based, but he also uses quite a lot of magic too. For a quick solution, use two Warriors here, one using Power Break and the other using Mental Break. Have your third character as a Dark Knight. A nice strategy to use here (and in subsequent boss fights) is to use Rikku as your main attacker and healer. Equip her with a Garment Grid that gives you Cure or Cura when you have switched classes. The Healing Wind or Healing Light Garment Grids would do just fine. Start her off as a thief because it's the fastest class, then have her switch immediately to Dark Knight. Now not only is Rikku able to do tons of damage, but she'll also be able to heal your other characters at the same time. Getting back to Ifrit, he has all the same attacks that he did in FFX, so watch out for his Overdrives, which he will use at least three times in this fight.

Djose Temple - Hotspot!
Seems like Djose Temple is having a problem with the fiends as well, now that Gippal is also missing in action. Like the two other temples, head over to the Chamber of the Fayth. In order to take out the electric barrier guarding the Aeon, you'll have to activate all five pedestals located on the floor below. Of course, every time you activate one you'll have to fight some fiends. It shouldn't be too hard at this point of the game to take care of them though. Before walking up the stairs, make sure to prepare for the Aeon here. If you haven't played Final Fantasy X, the Aeon in Djose is Ixion, and uses Thunder elements. Make sure to equip any NulThunder accessories or anything that lets you attack with Water elements.

Boss: Dark Ixion (HP:MP - 12380:9999)
Use the same strategy that you had with Valefor and Ifrit here. Take his offensive power down with Power and Mental Break to minimize the damage he does, and nail him with your highest attacking classes. If you were able to get through Ifrit and Valefor without any trouble, you won't be worrying too much about Ixion.

After defeating Ixion, you'll enter the last scene of Chapter 3. Yuna will receive two Crimson Spheres from Nooj and Gippal, who are chasing after Baralai and Vegnagun. After this scene, you'll notice that you'll be able to control Yuna, and you'll also hear a faint whistle in the background. Continuously press the X button in this scene to continue hearing the whistle. If you do it right, you'll get a slightly different scene, and then you'll head out of the Farplane. Chapter 3 complete!

Chapter 3 Sidequests

The moment you get to Luca, a cutscene will occur. Seems like there's a big Sphere Break competition going on, so it's time for the Gullwings to clean up! You'll have to beat 3 opponents in order to proceed to the finals, and you can't lose 3 matches either. Before taking on opponents, check out the stats of their coins before accepting their challenge. There are quite a few that are easy picks for you and others that can be quite tough. Look not only at the quota that you have to meet, but also at how many turns you have to meet the quota. Easy opponents are the man walking around the square where you start off, the kid in the 'Spiderman' outfit in the square, and the old man sitting near the crossroads between the stadium and theatre.

Once you have beaten three opponents, your final match will be against none other than Shinra. He's a tough little cookie, but he can be beaten quite easily. The key to remember here is that the Echo Count is your best friend. Use an Echo Count of 3 or 4 coins to get your number, since it's a relatively easy mark to hit without losing too many coins in the process. Your reward for beating Shinra will be the Lady Luck Dressphere. It is possible to get the Dressphere later in the game by facing Shinra in Luca after Chapter 3, but his quota is much much higher, so do your best to beat him here.

Mi'hen High Road
Machina have taken over the High Road, so it's up to you and the Machine Faction to clean up the mess. In order to get the rewards from this mission, you'll have to beat the Machine Faction in the number of machina that you can disable. This is actually pretty easy, since the faction is slow in taking out enemies.

What you're looking for are machinas on the road, which can be spotted by the green icons on your map. Basically all you have to do is fight your way to Mushroom Rock Road in order to win. Also, you do not have to destroy more machina to get the reward, you can achieve a tie and still win. Once you have finished this mission, you'll receive 10,000 gil as well as a Garment Grid.

The only thing you need to do here is talk to Tolbi twice. A cutscene will occur that adds some points to your completion rating.

Enter the Leblanc Syndicate headquarters and talk to Ormi and Logos on the main floor. Then go upstairs and talk to Leblanc herself. She seems quite depressed, doesn't she? After you attempt to talk to her, go back down to the main floor. You'll notice that the underground passage is now open. Make your way to Logos' room and a cutscene will occur. You'll get two new spheres from Logos (one of which shows just how much of a pervert he really is), and you'll be able to grab the other sphere on top of his dresser. Maechan will appear in the room and he'll tell you another story. Nothing changes with that guy, eh? You can also get a Crimson Sphere here. The room is to the left of the save point in the area. Just jump onto some wooden boxes to reach it.

Thunder Plains
You can get another Garment Grid by completing the various mini-games that are at each tower in this area. Talk to the guy who's working on the first tower twice in order to start the mini-game. There are three games in total. The first game will have you pressing a combination of buttons that appear on the screen.

The second game will make you choose between three buttons that are falling from the top of the screen, and the third will make you memorize a sequence of buttons to press. Each tower requires you to get a score of at least 28/30, which leaves you with very little leeway, especially since each game gets progressively harder. There's no secret in finishing this area, you just have to be quick with your fingers and your mind.

Macalania Woods
Quick note for this section: Make absolutely sure that you clear O'aka's debt of 100,000 gil before you venture into this area. Once you make it to O'aka's Travel Agency, you'll notice that the place is being attacked by fiends. Your mission here is to get through six consecutive battles. Out of the six battles that you'll fight, the most difficult ones are the first and fourth battles.

You'll definitely want at least two Mega Potions for this fight to use once you have gotten through the tougher battles. You shouldn't have a problem here though. Once you have finished the mission, you'll get a Garment Grid. Talk to the fallen Al Bhed outside the travel agency and you'll receive the Beserker Dressphere and another sphere. If you managed to clear O'aka's debt before entering the mission, he'll run into the travel agency and will sell you items at a vastly discounted price.

After you've defeated the Aeons in Besaid and Kilika Island, go to Bevelle and head to the area where you fought Dark Bahamut in Chapter 2. You'll see someone familiar on your way through this area. Head to the Chamber of the Fayth and you'll spot Nooj, Baralai and Gippal together. Something will happen to Baralai, and he'll summon a fiend to dispatch of you. You shouldn't have any trouble dealing with a fiend like this now. After the fight you'll find another Crimson Sphere on the ground. Pick it up, and you're that much closer to revealing the secrets of that cave in Mushroom Rock Road.

Calm Lands
Go to the area between the Calm Lands and Mount Gagazet, where you fought Yojimbo in FFX. For those who haven't played FFX, the area in question is found by taking the underpass instead of the bridge towards Mount Gagazet. Once you have reached the cave, you'll be asked to save numerous people who have been trapped in the cave, before they are taken out by fiends. If you played ICO before, you'll understand exactly what you have to do here. Basically, you'll need to find a group of people and lead them out of the cave. Once you have found a person, you'll be told certain traits, such as how many people that particular victim is comfortable being around, and in what order they like to be in. For the most part you don't have to worry about that.

The maximum amount of people you can escort out is five, so grab four of five people at a time and take them to the very first area of the cave. The first thirteen people can be found in the cave, but there are two others that require saving. You'll have to go outside of the cave and talk to the man near the cave entrance. He'll give you an item that will allow you to use the teleporters to get the last two survivors. Once you have rescued them, head back to the Chamber of the Fayth and get ready to fight!

Boss: Dark Yojimbo (HP:MP - 22000:9999)
Mr. Yojimbo is immune to all status changes, so the only thing you can do here is pound him into the ground with physical attacks. Because of this, the Dark Knight or Samurai classes work best in taking down his health. Dark Knight's Darkness ability works really well here, even though it saps some life out of the user. Make sure that you have a couple of people who can use Cura or Curaga so that you can heal up your party after he does his special attack that reduces everyone's HP to 1. Better yet, if you have a good supply of Mega Potions it's recommended that you use those, since it's faster to use items than it is to cast spells. Knock Yojimbo silly with physical attacks and eventually he'll go down. That's all there is to it, really. Yes, we're serious. Defeat Yojimbo and you get yet another Garment Grid

Mount Gagazet
It seems that the Ronso have decided to take matters into their own hands, much to the dismay of Kimahri. If you managed to talk to him in Chapter 1 and 2, he'll give you the Trainer dressphere. Either way, you'll have to climb Mount Gagazet without the use of the teleporter, since it's out of commission. Climb the mountain and head towards the summit. Instead of climbing up the cliffs, go left into the mountain. Once you are inside the mountain, head up and left towards the save point. Once you get outside, you'll find Garik, and he has some choice words for Miss Yuna. You aren't going to let him get away with talking that smack, are you?

Boss: Garik (HP:MP - 6880:238)
Ronso Warrior #1 (HP:MP - 6880:238)
Ronso Warrior #2 (HP:MP - 6880:238)
If there was any time that the White Mage Dressphere came in handy, this is it. It's absolutely necessary that you have learned Dispel for White Mage, or you don't stand a chance in this fight. First, change one of your characters into a Songstress and use Darkness Dance. This will make the large majority of the Ronso attacks irrelevant. It's probably a good idea to assign one character to be the support. Have that character switch between Songstress and White Mage. Use Darkness Dance until Garik casts Mighty Guard on his party. Once he does that, switch your Songstress to a White Mage and cast Dispel on whomever you want to attack to get rid of his status enhancements. Use your two other characters as your attackers, preferably with Dark Knight or Samurai. Repeat this process for all three enemies and hopefully you won't have any trouble with this fight.

Zanarkand Ruins
The only thing to do here is to enter the Chamber of the Fayth and talk to Isaaru.

If you happened to visit every area of Spira in Chapter 3, you'll have the great opportunity to visit all of these areas without leaving the comfort of the Celsius, thanks to Shinra's Commspheres. He installs these little cameras whenever you visit an area in Chapter 3. If you didn't visit an area, then he doesn't install one. Sometimes a particular Commsphere doesn't work, but you'll get the opportunity to visit every location using these devices.

Once you start Chapter 4, head up to talk to Paine on the deck of the Celsius. Then after your conversation, talk to Shinra on the Bridge. Choose to look at the Commspheres and you'll be able to visit some areas. There are only a few that are operational from the beginning, but you should visit Besaid Island, Kilika Island, Mushroom Rock Road, and Bevelle. Those locations will provide you with a lot of scenes that will fill in some of the story for you. There are other locations that also give you some scenes, but the majority of them will either be non-functional or have nothing useful for you to use.

Once you are finished looking at the Commspheres, talk to Buddy and you'll get a rundown of the mission ahead of you. After that, talk to Shinra again and look at the Commspheres once more, as a lot of them will have new content for you to view. Remember, watching these Commspheres actually progress your story completion rating, so make sure to view every location at every opportunity you get. The most important one that you'll want to watch is the Commsphere on the Mi'hen High Road. Visiting this sphere will activate a sidequest, known as Rin's Investigation.

Rin's Investigation
Rin's Travel Agency has asked Yuna for her help in solving the mystery behind the machinas going berserk on the High Road. If you happened to visit this location in Chapter 2 or 3, you'll understand what's going on. Basically, Rin wants you to switch between the seven cameras he has setup along the High Road in an effort to catch the culprit and bring him or her to justice. The controls for the camera are easy enough, and they're given to you on the screen. Your mission is to look for weird or suspicious activity in every area, and then call on Rin so that he may begin an investigation of the area. What constitutes suspicious activity? Usually if you see a person or an object that's moving on the screen that means something is wrong.

Unlike the other sidequests in the game, this particular quest will always be the same, no matter how many times you play through it.

The correct order you want to view the cameras is as follows: 2, 4, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 3, 1, 5

Saving Tolbi!
The Gullwings decide that they need the services of Tolbi in order to pull off a great concert, so head over to the Moonflow in order to find him. You'll notice that there's a group of guys after Tolbi, so you'll just have to chase him along with the rest of the pack. This mission is actually quite simple. All you have to do is follow Tolbi and his pursuers wherever they go. Soon, they'll head back into the Moonflow. You'll have some guy run past you, chasing Tolbi. Follow him and you'll end up back where you started this mission - then you'll have to go back to the Moonflow. Tolbi has escaped, but you can ride the Shoopuf across the Moonflow to follow him.

Go towards Guadosalam and you'll find him once again. Walk into the entrance of Guadosalam and you'll encounter Tolbi and his crew of workers. After a short conversation, he'll agree to help you and give you a Garment Grid for your trouble. Mission complete! Or is it? Once you have Tolbi on your side, make your way to his office in Guadosalam (it's underneath the entrance to the Farplane) and open the treasure chest there. You'll receive an accessory called Key to Success, a very powerful accessory for any of your characters, as it boosts attack power, hit points and luck, giving you a much better chance at dealing critical hits.

Time For A Rehearsal!
After rescuing Tolbi, go back to Shinra on the Celsius and view all of the Commspheres again. Visit every location you can in order to up your story completion rating. Once you have done this, go over to the Cabin and meet up with Rikku. It's time for Yuna to start practicing for her concert! You only get one shot at this mini-game, so make it count! All you have to do is press the buttons according to what's on Rikku's side of the screen. It's sort of like Dance Dance Revolution, but somewhat easier. The higher score, the better your chances of getting a better accessory.

After your rehearsal head back to the Bridge and talk to Shinra for some new scenes via the Commspheres. This time around, every location has something new, so make sure to visit all of them. The only ones you don't have to visit are the Calm Lands, Bikanel Desert, Bevelle and Luca. For some fun, check out Mount Gagazet's hot springs, as you'll see just about everyone there relaxing before the big concert!

Thunder Plains - Time to Slay the Dragon!
Before you can start your concert on the Thunder Plains, you're going to have to deal with a little monster problem t

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