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(anime/manga) Message Boards » Anime and Manga » Rockman EXE
You know you watch too much Rockman.EXE When

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You know you watch too much Rockman.EXE When
Sorina_Chan on Apr 23, 2006 15:19:17

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You know you love Rockman.EXE Too much when:

1: You Think about Rockman.EXE 20 hours each day!
2: You download everything Rockman.EXE related you find on the NET!
3: You call you boyfriend or girlfriend after a Rockman.EXE Character(Example: Enzan, Netto, Laika, Meiru.. ect.)
4: You have started likeing curry just because the Wold Three like it.
5: You own a Rockman.EXE Related Web Site
6: And update it twice a week!
7: You want to learn Japanese just to understand what's going on in Rockman.EXE Stream and Beast!
8: You carry your toy P.E.T. everywhere you go, you even sleep with it!
9: When the Batterys of your toy P.E.T. die you actually belive your Navi was Deleted and start crying!
10: You practice the Program Advance every day with a friend using fake swords.
11: And you learn it in few days!
12: You argue with your friend or Friends about who's better!
13: You dress up like a Rockman.EXE character for Halloween!
14: You think pinguins are evil, ever since you saw episode 36: Turn Densan City To The South Pole Plan!
15: You have a grudge on Freezeman for nearly deleting Fireman!
16: You think Beastman is Sexy!
17: In you free time you write Rockman.EXE Fan Fiction or Draw Rockman.EXE Fan Art!
18: You think Dekao's cute!
19: You print Rockman.EXE Images and stick them on the walls of your room!
20: You'r acting like you favorite Rockman.EXE character and think to yourself when your in a pinch: What would(Insert Character Name Here)Do Now!
21: You think that Roll and Gutsman look cute together and want Roll to leave Rockman to be with Gutsman!
22: You beat up anyone that dares to says Rockman.EXE is crap!
23: You named your brown Dog Rush!
24: You named your dog rush even if he's not brown!
25: You named your cat Rush!
26: You think your dog can go through black holes that appear out of the blue!
27: You think your dog can summon creatures from another world!
28: You Visit Hawaii in hopes to meet the World Three there, and are dissapointed when you don't!
29: You'r obsessed with beating the one who beat you at a game!
30: And he or she still Beats you!
31: You practice yoga every day, to free your mind of all your troubles!
32: You think your local Fish salesman has a secret identity!
33: You join a Fanlisting for Rockman.EXE in genaral!
34: You join a Fanlisting for a specific Rockman.EXE character!
35: Your in love with one of the characters in Rockman.EXE!
36: You talk about nothing other than Rockman.EXE!
37: you become broke because you spent all your money on Rockman.EXE merchandize!
38: You Watch Rockman.EXE Video Tapes over and Over again and never get tired of them!
39: You die your hair white and black to look like Enzan!
40: You drink too much Strawberry Milk and then you have the urge to use the bathroom but can't find where it is!
41: You talk to trees in the forest hoping one of them is Woodman but are dissapointed when you find out that he's not there!
42: You made your family love Rockman.EXE just as much as you do!
43: You think about Commander Beef everytime you eat beef!
44: You wish one of the Rockman.EXE Characters would move to your neighbourhood!
45: And it really happens!
46: You Dream about Rockman.EXE every night!
47: Your hair comes out wierd because the dryer in the saloon was broken and you think it was Fireman's fault!
48: Your afraid of clowns because you think they will roll you over with a giant ball!
49: You collect Pictures of your favorite character from all over the net official or not, and cover your walls with them!
50: when you go to a Rock'n'Roll concert you expect to see Count Elec playing the Electric Guitar and are Dissapointed when he's not there!
51: When you say Plug-In! Transmission! everytime you connect to the Net!
52: when someone picks on you for liking Rockman.EXE, and you reply: if you don't leave me alone...Forte will come a blast you to hell!
53: And forte DOES appear and blast them to hell!
52: When you belive that your long dead twin will return to you under another form.
54: When you think your car will transfrom in to an animal over night!
55: When you belive there is an alternate reality called Beyondard!
56: And there really is an alternate reality called Beyondard!
57: When you have to look after your neighbours little kid, you think he's the reincarnation of Trill!
58: You insist that your family and friends call you(Insert Character Name here) Whenever they call you by your real name!
59: You belive that P.E.T's will one day become reality!
60: And they do become reality!
61: You paint eyes on a torch and call it Fireman!
62: You think the old man down the street is Dr.Wily in Desquise!
63: Whenever your happy you start humming Rockman's Theam Song!
64: You make your own online comic about Rockman.EXE!
65: You made your own "You know you love Rockman.EXE too much when" list.
66: When someone is using their english names you get angry and say: That's not their real Name!
67: You get offended when you see another fangirl or fanboy with the character you have a crush on!
68: You get Offended when you see a fan character with the character you have a crush on!
69: You get angry just thinking about someone else being with the character you love!
70: Whenever you see the charcter you have a major crush on, you kiss the screen or hug the Tv/Monitor!
71: When you think the dub is better than the original!
72: when you could have sworn the monk you just saw walking by, looked like Rei!
73: When you watch the Anime just because you want to see your crush in action!
74: When you order custom Rockman.EXE ufo catchers at Lita Mitchell's custom ufo catchers, worth over 500$!
75: When you talk about Rockman.EXE in your Sleep!
76: When your mother finds you hugging your pillow in the morning, because you where dreaming you meet your crush!
77: You sing the Rockman.EXE Theam Song when you take a shower!
78: You think you can walk through your mirror to reach the cyber world(Dimensional Area)!
79: You think that Shademan is stalking you everytime your alone in a dark ally!
80: When you talk to your Rockman.EXE Toys as if they where real!
81: You Love the Anime and are Proud of it!
82: You claim a Character as your own and bite everyone who dares to even come close to him or her!
83: You Saw a Character from Rockman.EXE Walk by the street!
84: It turns out he or she was just cosplaying, and not the real Character!
85: You got virtually married to a Character from Rockman.EXE!
86: You go to an Anime convention as a Character from Rockman.EXE!
87: You own all the Battle Network games for Game Boy Advance!
88: You own all the Mattle Toys!
89: You watch the Anime in more than 10 Languages!
90: you feel pain whenever the character(s) you like feel pain!
91: You doodle Rockman.EXE drawings on your Homework
92: You don't pay attention in class because you daydream about Rockman.EXE!
93: You always carry a notebook with you just in case you find a new thing to add to your "You know you watch Rockman.EXE too much when" List.
94: You challange radome people on the street to a net battle with your toy P.E.T.!
95: You make your own Rockman.EXE Flash Movies!
96: You write a poem about how much you love Rockman.EXE!
97: You made your friends crazy with your Rockman.EXE Obsession!
98: When you hear someone's owen has caught fire, you think to yourself: The World Three must be behinde this!
99: You want to befriend two people who have the same interests as you, so you can get a Soul Unsion from them!
100: You sneak in to a Toy factory and lie to the security Person that you must clean the factory as soon as posible because you have 100 Dogs and 1000 Hungry Cats and need the money to feed them! "so you could get the newest Rockman.EXE toys from Japan before anyone else"!
101: You made Female Versions of Male Characters from Rockman.EXE
102: You throw pillows at the TV/Montor whenever you see a character you can't stand!
103: You made a crossover Fan Fiction with Rockman.EXE and another Anime!
104: You wrote a Fan Fiction about the Anime, with more than 30 Chapters!
105: You bookmarked over 20 Sites than have something to do with Rockman.EXE!
106: You visit Rockman-Exe.Com every Day!
107: You have taken more than 50 Quizes of any sort that are about Rockman.EXE!
108: You own all the Rockman.EXE Manga!
109: you call your butler Glyde!
110: You Printed out this list!
111: You refuse to go anywhere near people that don't appreciate Rockman.EXE!
112: You Belive that the World would be a much better place if everyone on this planet would be a Rockman.EXE Fan!
113: You hold public Speeches daily about how great Rockman.EXE Is!
114: You Belive that the ground where the creators of the Anime/Games/Manga walked on is Sacred!
115: You dress in pink and throw heart shaped stickers at everyone you don't like and yell: Heart Flash!
116: You found a pair of bones and throw them like a boomerang at your however pissed you off!
117: You go around with a Flamethrower and Ask people what they think about the dub: if they say it's crap, or anything other insultive you scorch them and yell Fire Arm! If they insult the dub they also insult the Original! Duh!

It's something i did in my free time, i thought you may find it funny, feel free to add to the list, remember it can be from either EXE, Axess, Stream, Beast, the Games or Manga.

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Re: You know you watch too much Rockman.EXE When
Aly-Blaze on Apr 27, 2006 09:54:56

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Woooh! secret wepon! VIBRATING SHEEP TOY OF DOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! x3
Sry, can't talk right now...the squirells are watching >.>
I know a song that getz on everbodys nerves, and this iz how it goes! *repeat*
Anetta and Yai, you allz sux! get a life...FAR away from Chaud
Sasuke, Sesshy, Chaud,and Ed...*Sings"It's Rainin' Men"* X3
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