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(tv shows & cartoons) Message Boards » Anime and Manga » Fremory Palace
Fremory Palace

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Fremory Palace
Agivulf on Dec 13, 2012 03:48:18

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Expect absolutely nothing here except the murmurings of a man who wants to have it all but takes his time...very slowly.

In truth, he wants to have many things...but even when he has them, will he truly be happy? Or will he grow bored too quickly before he even has a chance to enjoy what he already has?

*is standing out on the palace's veranda that is covered with powdery white snow*

*he chuckles a bit as he realizes he's talking to himself while clutching the railing on the veranda, pushing off the bit of snow that was on it*

*his gaze turns back inward to his home where it stands devoid of all human touch besides his own. Every echo heard inside only it made it more painfully obvious how empty it was*

All these rooms, all this space, and all this sounded nice in the beginning but...

*sighs and hangs his head down as he clutches the railing with his other hand and pushes himself away from it slightly, staring at the white snow below*

Being alone...isn't really all it's cracked up to be....

*he hears something from behind him and raises his head and faces the front door within with a hopeful open-mouthed smile*

*it slowly fades as he realizes it was just his imagination and his face reverts to a flat expression with a deep sigh*

Of course...who'd pay a visit to someone like me anyway?

*shuts the glass doors that lead back inside and returns to the railing and resumes his stance*

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Re: Fremory Palace
Agivulf on Feb 07, 2013 12:55:17

Posts » 59

The snow's fallen and melted away now bringing new life into this seemingly empty world.

*looks to the sky*

Here, they're more preoccupied with dying crazes that no one seems to pay attention to anymore. Let them...they're stuck in the past and think that the past is better than the future...which in some cases are right...

*lowers his gaze to the wide open plains before him*

...but being stuck in the past blinds them to what's right in front of their eyes. New opportunities are being overlooked and new friends can only be made if they own such trivial things as "smart phones" when all they have to do is walk up and talk to's pathetic really.

*looks behind him briefly before returning his gaze to the plains*

They miss opportunities to make new friends or take part in new things because change scares them. I shouldn't be surprised to see pretty much no one around as they're too busy with their hands glued to their pathetic gadgets they can't seem to live without talking to people who wouldn't even lift a finger to help them when they really needed it.

*somberly walks back to the manor and sits down in a leather chair*

Everyone in real life today is nothing but an empty fake shell.

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Re: Fremory Palace
Nona on Feb 08, 2013 00:45:08

Posts » 916

Not everyone is just a shell...sometimes you can find the few gems left in the word, but that's only if you don't confuse them with the ugly rocks, nyu?
You have to be careful to not toss them aside
And change doesn't scare people...rejection does
But that's just what I think, nya...
There are still a few of us left...

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"Peace is our gift to each other" - Elie Wiesel
"Wait and Hope" - Alexander Dumas
"The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself" - Thales
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