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Who Else Misses Baccano?

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Who Else Misses Baccano?
Alice_of_Hearts on May 07, 2017 23:17:30

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Baccano is perhaps one of my favorite anime, if not my favorite. Unfortunately, since it is a bit old now in 2017, it seems like there isn't any sort of active fandom going on anymore. Personally, I'd just love to have more people to discuss this great show with (but mainly to discuss Ladd Russo who is the best character fight me).

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Re: Who Else Misses Baccano?
Hikari on May 08, 2017 12:40:44

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Baccano! is one of my favorite anime as well. :D!
I feel like it had been overlooked by a lot of people.
Honestly. Baccano > Durarara.
Yen On has released the first three Volumes
of the Light Novel. Cx
I've been trying to collect them.
It's sucks that the anime is Out of Print. ;;

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Re: Who Else Misses Baccano?
Charlotte on May 08, 2017 22:42:48

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I love Baccano too!
And totally agree that it is better than Durarara.
Claire is my favorite though. <3
I'm sad they didn't animate the part of the series
where him and Claire have kids and grandkids
and are like 90 and still living it up. xD

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Re: Who Else Misses Baccano?
Lafayette on May 13, 2017 02:44:48

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I need to finish this show! ;~; It is so sad when fandoms die. I've been wanting to talk about Lupin the Third, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, and The Count of Monte Cristo. Although I would like to talk about shows that never even had a fandom to begin with. Like Yugo The Negotiator, Argento Soma, and Kemonozume (because I'm weird).

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