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New/Returning Member Information

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New/Returning Member Information
Charlotte on Jun 11, 2017 17:15:05

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Since we have an influx of new/returning members (and hopefully we will get more as well) I decided to try and consolidate information for them.


Welcome new/returning members to the amazing site that is MYFC.
MYFC is a pretty old site and is a great place to marry characters/talk about your interests/and make new friends.


MYFC has five mods at the present.

Charlotte (Me xD) [ LINK ]

Deerhaunter [ LINK ]

Meilani [ LINK ]

Nemurin [ LINK ]

Alexa (Marie) [ LINK ]

All five of us can be contacted for help or issues you can on the site.

Helpful Members

Tell me who you are and your special skill/abilities and I will list them here!


Here is a link to a board to help with making your profile as cool/cute as possible.
[ LINK ]

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions about what to add to this post about it and I will edit this!

I may also return to pretty this entry up. x3

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!!!!!! New/Returning Member Information: IMPORTANT !!!!!!
Alice on Jun 11, 2017 18:23:23

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To those returning before May 26, 2017:
Gabe did a pretty huge change to the site,
she basically reset every password to every user's account...
It was pretty twisted and out of the blue,
So I've been stressing she put the solution to this problem
in other pages/areas of the site:
for example, the Log in page or as an Announcement on the main page.

You can find her announcement and directions
by clicking on this thread: [ LINK ]

But I will tell you how to get your accounts back..
just keep reading.

MYFC shut down for a year and a half,
from September 2015 - January 2017.
Lots of members haven't came back since we went offline.
I think we need to make this more public
to people who ghost read the site from time to time.
I know lots of people I am waiting for to come back...
Keenan/Keita is one of them..


This is what you need to do in order to gain access.
You do not need to make a new account for this to be done.
You simply click on the "Report this Page"
link in the top right hand corner of your screen.

You have to have the profile of your account brought up on the screen.
Then a "Report Content" page will come up.
You type in your MYFCOnline username (if you remember it),
if not, simply put the name were most known by.. xD
Or real name, whatever it is. :3
You will also have to put in your email address,
because Gabe will then email your new password to you! c:
If you have multiple accounts (I had a page full!),
please report those accounts too by searching the username.
If you do not remember your username(s),
I would pick a blank account (maybe an original username one?)
and Report that account.
If it's not being used, maybe forgotten from yeeeears ago,
I don't see the problem in doing it.

You can pretty much talk to Gabe using the "Report this Page" feature.
Put in whatever you want to tell her,
If you have other accounts you need back also,
put in their usernames in a list. :3
That way Gabe can return all of your accounts to you in one report!

If the account is banned, I personally recommend that you
tell her it is, if you know exactly.
Accounts that are banned now do not show it.
It only says that the account has been "banned" and "closed."
But they still exist!
Please let her know and she will unban that account,
and give you access to it just like any other.

Gabe, you should put these steps on the log in page...
I had to go digging through the boards for it.
I'm sure many of us haven't even browsed the message boards,
or know that it's even possible. xDDD

I just want people to come back..

Sexy Pink Heart - Help

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Re: New/Returning Member Information
Charlotte on Jun 30, 2017 21:24:23

Posts » 69

Updated to reflect moderators changes!

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Re: New/Returning Member Information
Libby_VanHelsing on Jul 03, 2017 09:29:34

Posts » 216

I thought Riku was a moderator???

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Re: New/Returning Member Information
Nemurin on Jul 03, 2017 14:13:07

Posts » 202

Ann/Marie is also a moderator now!
And no, Riku's tag was pulled.

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Re: New/Returning Member Information
Charlotte on Jul 04, 2017 20:38:33

Posts » 69

She has been added to the first post!

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! New/Returning Member Information !
Aurora on Jul 22, 2017 18:14:40

Posts » 4

Bumping for the sake of keeping this thread on the main page for new and returning members to see.

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Re: New/Returning Member Information
Charlotte on Aug 12, 2017 21:16:15

Posts » 69


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Re: New/Returning Member Information
Winry on Aug 26, 2017 11:50:55

Posts » 84

Re-Re-Bumping for the recent new and returning members.

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