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[Wild Hill Woods]
Lann on Jun 12, 2017 02:21:36

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Nine Hill Woods, a place where time and space stand still..Shibuya, The rustle and bustle of the outside keep moving..Two universes that both opened a special door to each other both unique to one another almost inter flowing together as if it was harmonized as one.

The twins both aware of a strange new world but yet..familiar in the world of coffee..Lann,Neku, and Mr Hakakoma all under a coffee shop working within one another..since the coffee has finished it's brew and I've caught you up..lets talk shall we?

Welcome to the Roleplay this is a Woff(World Of Final Fantasy) and TWEWY(The World Ends With You) But it wont just go for those kinds of roleplay it's for everyone to come and enjoy regardless if it's SquareEnix related or not. I will be roleplaying the barista's on how ever the day or the week is..(it would be boring talking just to one yes?)

Lann Farna
Neku Sakuraba
Sanae Hanekoma
Reynn Farna
Shiki Misaki

Current Barista working:

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