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-at my desk-

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-at my desk-
MasamuneCronus on Jun 24, 2017 22:42:03

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I need to get rid of the Riders. They are ruining my company. I need some big dollar dollar off this game that is the ultimate game. Also, I totally made that game myself. #didnttakecreditforit #mysondidntmakeit

-turns and looks at Hiiro Kagami, my helper that is a genius surgeon and wants his deceased girlfriend back- You, go and fight them. Keep people playing this game and ensure the rules are being followed.

-looks away and stares at Kiriya Kujo, a medical examiner I brought back from the dead- do whatever you normally do. I have some meetings to attend. -stands up- Oh, if you want tea you can make it yourself.

-leaves the room-

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