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Important MYFC Boards/Journals

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Important MYFC Boards/Journals
Charlotte on Dec 06, 2017 00:06:12

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A list to important boards/journals for old and new members alike.
Posted for the sake of consolidating the number of threads we have.

New/Returning Member Information
[ LINK ]
Board containing basic informantion about the site, such as moderators and basic questions.

MYFCOnline Profile Tips and Tricks!
[ LINK ]
Board containing tips/tricks to spruce up your profile/journals using coding.

MYFCOnline Suggestion Box
[ LINK ]
Board to put in suggestions for improvement of the site.

MYFCOnline Community Event Inquiry and Discussion
[ LINK ]
Board to discuss/suggest community events.

Site Update/New Rules
[ LINK ]
Journal listing new rules regarding banning/suspension policy.

This board will be updated as needed.

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