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(tv shows & cartoons) Message Boards » Member Groups » 2018 Image Editing Contest

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Charlotte on Jan 26, 2018 13:32:00

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Image Editing Contest!

I'm not sure how many people will do this but I've decided to try and set up an image editing contest!
It will be running using a Series, which I will be making shorty, called Image Editing Contest 2018, and all images can be submitted to the series by adding a new character. Images can also be added to the gallery page if you want so people can get a better view of your image but will not be considered "official submissions" so make sure anything you wanted judged is in in the series page. There will be a few categories and if anyone wants to suggest a category I can add it as well.

The ones I have come up with so far are:
Best Icon (1)
Best Signature Picture (2)
Best Gif (Icon) (3)
Best Gif (Signature) (4)
Best Anime Edit (5)
Best Game Edit (6)
Best Movie/Tv/Real Life Edit (7)
Best Comic Edit (8)
Best Cartoon Edit (9)
Best Overall

When submitting your images to the series simply add which category you are submitting it to by including the number for the category as they are listed.
One image can be submitted for multiple categories but must be submitted in multiple characters so one image can be submitted twice, once for best icon and once for best anime edit.

Images should be submitted following this format:

Username #Image Number (Category Number)


Charlotte #1 (1)

So following that if you submit an image for two categories the # number should be the same.
So if I submitted that same image for a different category that character would be

Charlotte #1 (5)

If I submitted another image entirely it would be

Charlotte #2 (1)

If your image size is too big for the upload amount ( I think it is 300kb) simply post it in the gallery and then create a member and use this image,

just make sure it corresponds to the correct image in the gallery if you have to upload more then one that way.

Also if you want to submit something but are having issues or can't add it for whatever reason you can send it to me in a PM
and I will upload it for you,
just remember to tell me what category/categories you want it submitted to!
If you make a mistake when creating a character, such as adding an image to the wrong category just make a new character and inform me and I can delete the other one.

Marriages will count as votes for that image and members can vote for more than one image but known multiple accounts will not be counted.
Also, votes for your own image will not be counted.

At the end of the contest (I'm going to judge reaction to this idea and then determine how long the judging period will allow) and the end the vote will be tallied and winners will be posted in a journal.
The image that has the most votes will be declared the Best Overall.
(Votes on the same image that has been submitted twice will go by the version of the image that has the most votes.)
For prizes I am thinking of making a small image that can be displayed on a profile but if someone else has an idea/wants to help with that they may.
I was also thinking of having a few judges who will pick there favorite and have that as a "____ Judge's Favorite" (Or Moderator's Favorite if other mods wants to pick one together lol)
but anyone can volunteer to be a judge, they simply can not pick their own images if they have submitted any.

I think this will be fun as it allows for everyone to be able to submit images.
Hopefully, people will participate/think this is a good idea.

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Re: Intro/Rules
Charlotte on Jan 26, 2018 16:08:11

Posts » 154



If you want to be a judge just say so and I will add you to the list.
I don't suspect there will be a ton but if there are way too many people who volunteer I'll pick a few.

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Re: Intro/Rules
Nemurin on Jan 29, 2018 21:19:07

Posts » 228

Oh man. Something i suck at. Dunno if i can enter. So i can be a judge if ya need. xD

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Re: Intro/Rules
Charlotte on Jan 30, 2018 17:05:32

Posts » 154

I'll add you to the list! :3
I'm only like...halfway decent myself. xD
There aren't too many people making stuff yet, I'm hoping we get more later but I might also re advertise it as well.

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Re: Intro/Rules
Cafe_Chat on Feb 04, 2018 16:39:01

Posts » 35

I seriously think this is an excellent idea. Was kinda psyched about doing some editing work of my own art and graphics but I'm lacking the time. As soon as I want to sit and work on it something comes up! Hopefully, I can jump in with something but if not, wishing the contestants the best of luck!

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Re: Intro/Rules
Charlotte on Feb 06, 2018 00:21:17

Posts » 154

Thank you. c:
We only have a few entries so I wouldn't worry too much not making it,
take you time lol.

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