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Who are your team?

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Who are your team?
hanayori on Mar 18, 2018 17:16:33

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i would like to keep this place active if possible!! Sorry for all dem bumps!

currently my sets are atm is:

Alm and Nina. I’m a dragon slayer! :D

I’ll post all my team if I have people replying!!

you can post the following:
- screenshot of your current or ultimate team for arena
- add people by posting your friend code

behave! 8D

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Re: Who are your team?
Charlotte on Mar 22, 2018 13:21:26

Posts » 156

Bumps are good. xD
Activity is good.

I haven't played in a while,
kind of got bored but I switch it up a lot
because I like training all my 5 stars to lvl 40
although I do love using Nowi, Takumi, Ike, and Alm specifically.

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Re: Who are your team?
Doom_Slayer on Mar 23, 2018 03:11:50

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Ike (Legendary version)
Fallen Celica

All of them are 5 stars and Ike is my Strongest

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