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True Love Isami Hanaoka

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True Love Isami Hanaoka
Sam_isi on Sep 16, 2018 05:36:46

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Hi everyone..
I just want to say that I I'm in Love with Isami (Hanaoka) since the manga revealed in 1995, I couldn't forget her or change my mind about her, I love her more than anything,I loved her mother and her father and even her grandfather,I realised that she may in love with (Toshi Tsukikage) the second character in the series (I dont know!) and I was so jealousy, but I keep my self calm and learning how to deal with it, so I start visiting the Polyamory websits and I lean how to accept (Toshi) as partner, and learning sharing wife (Isami), but I still have that little feelings of jealousy, the problem is
Does Isami accept me as a husband or NOT..?
I really wanna know..!


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