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Shadows of Darkness Wolf Pack (open to anyone)

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Shadows of Darkness Wolf Pack (open to anyone)
lil_vamp on Feb 04, 2019 21:47:27

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Hi, my name is Whitefire, I am the Alpha Female of the Shadows of Darkness wolf pack. The rules are simple;
1. Obey all myfc rules and guidelines
2. Ask me for your rank in the pack
3. Protect your pack members
4. Bring as many characters as you wish
5. Have fun

*stands atop the main den, a lone howl echoing through the night*

Rebel: *walks up behind me, bowing his head before laying down* Whitefire, the hunt didnt fare as well as I'd hoped. I was only able to bring down one lone moose.

*turns and nuzzles Rebel with my muzzle* You did as well as you could Rebel. We will make due with what we have

•Alpha Female: Whitefire (lil_vamp)
•Omega Male/Male Hunt Leader: Rebel (lil_vamp)
•Hunt Leader(s)

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Me My Twin Brother Rohan Ryden. Like a younger bro
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Rohan, Dante, Ryden, Alex, & Val <3 True Love Conquers All <3
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