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Come join the Fumma Clan

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Come join the Fumma Clan
Kyo_Encon_Urami_M_Keiichi_A on May 17, 2007 18:54:11

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come join the Fumma clan the most Nobal the most powerful. but if you can only get past me

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Re: Come join the Fumma Clan
Highlord_Matt on May 17, 2007 22:22:34

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if nobody can get past you then you have no clan how smart are you *roles eyes*

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Re: Come join the Fumma Clan
Ariel_Twilight_ on May 17, 2007 22:25:47

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if no one can get past you, how are they to join the clan?

a leader should always accept new people to there clan, weak or stronge. thats what you traine them to become stronger and hopefuly if you die or if something happens another will take your place.

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